Entertains In A Sentence

Definition of Entertains

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of entertain

How To Use Entertains In A Sentence?

  • But who entertains longer than can be helped the thought of an inevitable misery?
  • My suspicion that the walrus entertains no fear for the bear was more than ever strengthened.
  • He sometimes has them all marshalled in the yard, and entertains us with a review.
  • My uncle entertains this opinion anyhow, and gives the most convincing practical exposition of it.
  • If the spirit which just came entertains a grudge I have never even dreamed of such.
  • Sir Percy wishes it not to be re-copied, and he entertains no doubt of its authenticity.
  • But still it entertains me with such thoughts, As make me doubtful whether joy becomes me.
  • She entertains the most invincible repugnance and aversion towards her husband, who perfectly adores her.
  • The same writer entertains the belief that about one third of all the consumptions originate from weakness of the abdominal belts.
  • He lingers at the campfires and swaps stories with the officers, and entertains the sick and wounded in the hospitals.
  • In the mean while, the chorus entertains the stage, and is informed by some angel the manner of the fall.
  • The mind grows, moreover, into the likeness of the thoughts one most habitually entertains and lives with.
  • When the female bird does her little house duties in the nursery, the male entertains her with a song in order to keep her cheerful.
  • Above all in this election you must see that the Republic entertains a good hope and an honourable opinion of you.
  • The bridegroom builds a fire and prepares the food, which had been brought for the purpose, and entertains the people of the village.
  • He fares sumptuously, entertains with a splendid hospitality, gives munificently to manifold public objects.
  • His genial familiarity is its own passport; he entertains you to a peripatetic feast of humour and good advice....
  • The lady who maintains a handsome apartment and entertains lavishly is probably a "kept" woman with an ambiguous past.
  • Comedy presents us with the imperfections of human nature: Farce entertains us with what is monstrous and chimerical.
  • Like others of his species, he is accustomed to master even the largest booty, and he still entertains the highest hopes and will not let go.
  • As to politics, I can tell you nothing except that everybody entertains the greatest detestation for those who are masters of everything.
  • Be assured that nobody entertains for you sentiments of more perfect and sincere esteem than, dear Sir, your friend and servant.
  • He regarded much of the Bible as childish, unimportant and foolish The scientific world entertains the same opinion.
  • If we remember right, M. Comte entertains opinions which really come to pretty much the same thing.
  • Harry bade me sit down with the air of one who entertains a guest of importance; I swelled with pride as I attacked the kidney.
  • The opinion which a man entertains of himself ought to be distinguished, in order to an accurate discussion of this question, as it relates to persons or to things.
  • Timid by nature, she had hitherto refrained from expressing, except in the most reserved manner, the love she really entertains for Count Asdrubal.
  • It is proposed by some elevators of the public mind to make us all philosophers, and to abolish the morbid interest which mankind at present entertains in the issues of life and death.
  • The House of Commons, by the way, is ignorant that in this sturdy Protestant it entertains a novelist unawares.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Entertains | Entertains Sentence

  • He entertains no such fears.
  • My brother entertains a high esteem for him.
  • The scientific world entertains the same opinion.
  • Grandmother entertains another old lady at afternoon tea.
  • A man entertains certain opinions; he is persecuted.
  • Beers, Isaac, entertains Washington, 6.
  • And a religion which entertains that notion must be exclusive.
  • He considers them dangerous and entertains little regard for them.
  • Harvard University, entertains Cuban teachers, IV, 163.
  • Merrenden is a great judge of human nature, and variety entertains him.
  • But Doctor Stockman continues in the faith he entertains for has townsmen.

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