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  • And his enthusiasms were strangely contagious.
  • It set his old enthusiasms singing like birds uncaged.
  • Those are not your enthusiasms and passions, I take it?
  • In the keen enthusiasms he had found such a son as he had longed for.
  • Her prejudices, ignorances, enthusiasms half charmed, half amused him.

How To Use Enthusiasms In A Sentence?

  • His enthusiasms are his vitality and he has too many of them ever to lose one.
  • So some of those 1819 enthusiasms had to be abandoned: but the objectives were not.
  • She was very childish, although she was full of enthusiasms and nervous energy.
  • His work as editor and writer was merely one expression of the enthusiasms that occupied his mind.
  • To Randy the enthusiasms of the genial gentleman were a constant source of amazement.
  • Certainly it held him in leash during the years of adolescent enthusiasms when he might have become a lyric poet of the neoteric school.
  • Her enthusiasms bear fruit not only in her own phenomenal development, but in her power over others, both as an artist and friend.
  • The enthusiasms of old men are as rare as they are short-lived, unless they are evolved out of earlier and worthy days.
  • Even the serene look of girlhood has a power in it to make impassioned confidence waver, and enthusiasms suffer recoil.
  • He knew these enthusiasms for the duration of rehearsals, and he was ill-at-ease because his anticipation of boundless wealth had not come true.
  • Usually he was reserved and even secretive, cautious, cold, and free from enthusiasms and follies alike.
  • What is certain is that their enthusiasms and disappointments, likes and dislikes, fancies and prejudices, have nothing whatever to do with art.
  • Whenever a political "group" is formed, it finds the need of a club where it may talk over its enthusiasms at dinner.
  • As Grinnell talked, he often paused in his work to imitate the gesticulatory enthusiasms of the saints at the camp-meeting.
  • The English are called cold; but as individuals they are capable sometimes of extraordinary enthusiasms for distant causes and distant people.
  • His tergiversation of mood proves only that there were two Walpoles, not that the Walpole of the romantic enthusiasms was insincere.
  • We have taken him up to the attic and to the farthest ends of the pig sty, we have laid down the law concerning our own pet enthusiasms and tolerated him while he told us about his own.
  • Each of us, no doubt, contains something of the preacher and something of the dancer; and our enthusiasms depend upon which of the two is dominant in us.
  • Time hangs heavy and long, so bring all you can in the way of the latest books, the latest scandals, and your latest enthusiasms among the modern poets.
  • If you have not, you can never appreciate the enthusiasms of a bird student, nor realize what neck-breaks and other discomforts one will cheerfully endure to witness the first flight of a nestling.

Definition of Enthusiasms

plural of enthusiasm
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