Enthusiastically in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Enthusiastically

1. Were they enthusiastically in favor of it? 🔊

2. It was most enthusiastically received. 🔊

3. Holden have been most enthusiastically appreciated. 🔊

4. The play was enthusiastically received. 🔊

5. It was instantly and enthusiastically responded to. 🔊

6. The suggestion was enthusiastically received. 🔊

7. We then entered enthusiastically into his views. 🔊

8. Edith cried enthusiastically as they joined her. 🔊

9. Sara enthusiastically assured him that this was the case. 🔊

10. Edward Henry enthusiastically concurred. 🔊

11. Mrs. Johnson agreed enthusiastically with Peter. 🔊

12. The convention was enthusiastically in favour of the project. 🔊

13. It is needless to say such sentiments were enthusiastically applauded. 🔊

14. The crowd cheered enthusiastically upon viewing the unusual sight. 🔊

15. You spoke so enthusiastically about Jesus, that you confused them. 🔊

How to use Enthusiastically in Sentences?

1. Husbands spoke of him enthusiastically at home and wives determined to know him. 🔊

2. Then they both sat down together and enthusiastically began to make plans for the future. 🔊

3. I need hardly say it was a national one, and it was most enthusiastically cheered. 🔊

4. She, too, is one of the trio only created to be hooted at by an enthusiastically virtuous public. 🔊

5. The Committee generously and enthusiastically did everything in their power to help me. 🔊

6. Claude, however, had enthusiastically sprung on to the bench, and stood upon it. 🔊

7. Joe Hurley had written none too enthusiastically about the girl, as far as concerned her beauty. 🔊

8. I doubt if any other profession can show a membership so uniformly and enthusiastically in love with the work. 🔊