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  • A crowd of enthusiasts thronged about him.
  • The football enthusiasts were becoming impatient.
  • And then these two enthusiasts set to work comparing notes.
  • Religious enthusiasts and the Anglican church, 144.
  • They became passionate enthusiasts for Natural Law.
  • Among non-combatant enthusiasts she would be the most exigent.
  • Our civil and religious liberties we owe to enthusiasts for freedom.
  • But the two enthusiasts had a sudden check when they informed their mother.
  • At another time his enthusiasts assume a more imposing aspect.
  • Indeed, that is generally left to the stark enthusiasts and to the faddists.
  • He was surprised to find a large gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts on hand.
  • The seed-shops were stormed by enthusiasts who took kindly to this new idea.
  • All this has inspired enthusiasts to liken it to Emmentaler.
  • A party of enthusiasts who left England for America in 1774.
  • With these forces Cromwell met the army of Scotch enthusiasts at Dunbar.

How To Use Enthusiasts In A Sentence?

  • We are enthusiasts on this subject, we want you to believe in our disinterested sincerity.
  • The enthusiasts ceased looking at the bull to face the rest of the public with indignation.
  • Farmers who could be induced to do this work would no doubt become nut enthusiasts in due time.
  • The early Christians were enthusiasts to the pagan world because they turned it upside down.
  • How this great idea manifests itself in the lives of the enthusiasts of the days of Cromwell!
  • To walk across thee were a privilege That some unborn enthusiasts would run for.
  • His death cast a gloom over the many aeronautic enthusiasts of France, England and America.
  • Then began an agitation raised by a few enthusiasts for the removal of the existing restrictions upon road traffic.
  • Instead of having decisions made for them, this great body of enthusiasts were called upon to make their own.
  • The coarse and rather brittle fiber of this plant was exalted by enthusiasts into something nearly equal to silk.
  • We were enthusiasts in our love for ornithology; we found new inspiration in the democracy of our common interests.
  • This advice was finally adopted, although the enthusiasts of the army continued to murmur at the delay.
  • You women must be passionate enthusiasts to win, because the thing you want is concrete and imminent and personal.
  • To such enthusiasts the long-deferred opportunity to actualize ultimate ideals in an ecclesiastical vacuum would be accepted with joy.
  • The enthusiasts admired his physical endurance, and the rash daring with which he threw himself upon the bulls at the moment of killing.
  • Some pleasant womanly enthusiasts even went further, and invented heroines with tangled hair and inky fingers.
  • What then, let us ask the enthusiasts of humanity, will humanity be like in its ideally perfect state?
  • These women were enthusiasts of all ages and degrees, who proffered themselves, at the beginning of the war, as stewardesses and nurses.
  • The enthusiasts of this time, it seems, like their predecessors in another faction of fanaticism, deal in lights.
  • A few enthusiasts have advocated Greek, and have supported their claim with the argument that it is still a living language.
  • In the trying years that followed, the wise fathers and young enthusiasts of Providence gathered under its branches for counsel.
  • A steamer was got ready; a number of sightseeing enthusiasts were collected, and they set forth on the morning of the 26th of May.
  • The emancipation of the goose is an experiment, but it is not surprising that many enthusiasts should believe it to be an experiment well deserving of a trial.
  • If some enthusiasts exhibit examples of this sort, we know that convents and nunneries are supported by that portion of society which they do not enclose.
  • An imperialistic movement, a nationalistic revival, if you will, was preached in Turkey by ardent enthusiasts whose words fell on willing ears.

Definition of Enthusiasts

plural of enthusiast
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