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  • The field was entirely new to me.
  • The question was entirely new to him.
  • It was an entirely new proposition.
  • The subject is entirely new to me.
  • It is an entirely new world.
  • This was something entirely new.
  • This was a story that was entirely new to her.
  • This opened up an entirely new prospect.
  • Her anger and her rage are entirely new to him.
  • The rest of them is an entirely new design.
  • None of the events of 1990 were entirely new.
  • It must be an entirely new trade.
  • An entirely new sensation was stirring within him.
  • This phenomenon is entirely new in volcanic history.
  • Next year we are going to have an entirely new set.
  • They gave an entirely new significance to the term.
  • He had had an entirely new system of coaching in his mind.
  • A new edition from entirely new stereotype plates.
  • An entirely new state of matters had suddenly arisen.
  • A new edition from entirely new stereotype plates.
  • This time his originality took an entirely new turn.
  • The rig was also quite unusual and entirely new to us.
  • The new setting works towards an entirely new equilibrium.
  • From entirely new materials, with numerous fac-similes.
  • She was something new in my life, something entirely new.
  • Why discover, at great expense, an entirely new country?
  • The present N. aisle is entirely new.
  • An entirely New Edition.
  • The final paragraph in Chapter II is entirely new.
  • Names came into their conversation which were entirely new to him.
  • Dalton studied her as something entirely new to his experience.
  • That's an entirely new idea to me.
  • International jurists are confronted with an entirely new political status.
  • After purification an entirely new state of consciousness begins for the ego.
  • This watery domain was something entirely new in human experience.
  • Their procedure represented something entirely new in naval warfare.
  • The news sent his thoughts running along an entirely new track.
  • He lives in a new world, because his outlook is entirely new.

How To Use Entirely New In A Sentence?

  • Therefore this was a preposterous time to begin rehearsals for a work entirely new.
  • Coming to the work in brass and copper we encounter an entirely new type of design.
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