Entreaties in a sentence

Definition of Entreaties

plural of entreaty

Short Example Sentence for Entreaties

  • 1. But his entreaties were of no avail.
  • 2. But these entreaties were all in vain.
  • 3. But his entreaties were in vain.
  • 4. My entreaties would not move you.
  • 5. But her tears and entreaties were in vain.
  • 6. That neither pity nor entreaties touch you?
  • 7. The entreaties of the company were of course urgent.
  • 8. My gold accomplished what my entreaties could not.
  • 9. What my entreaties could not accomplish, my gold did.
  • 10. We all joined our entreaties to that of the Duke.
  • 11. Warnings and entreaties poured in to the Castle.
  • 12. But to all such entreaties Larkin remained unmoved.
  • 13. Renault, but it succumbed to the entreaties of Clementine.
  • 14. It was his entreaties that I dreaded, not his wrath.
  • 15. These and many similar entreaties and reasonings were ineffectual.
  • 16. And from this decision no tears and no entreaties would move her.
  • 17. Thyra's entreaties were even more pressing.
  • 18. But he really leaves no room for either entreaties or admonitions from me.
  • 19. You don't stand in need of entreaties or urgency from me.
  • 20. Where were the arguments he had planned, the entreaties he had purposed?
  • 21. He would not listen to my entreaties to be allowed to join him in his task.
  • 22. Why would he not yield to her sweet entreaties to bathe and take his comfort?
  • 23. But for the present all such entreaties or warnings fell upon deaf ears.
  • 24. To the proffers and entreaties of her nurse, she made no reply.
  • 25. Her entreaties will touch his heart, and break down his pride.
  • 26. My remonstrances, my prayers, my entreaties were of no avail.
  • 27. But Hector would not yield to the entreaties of his weeping parents.
  • 28. I address my entreaties to you, madame; Henri will not refuse you.

How to use Entreaties in a Sentence?

  • 1. The most pathetic entreaties were urged by her that he would withdraw into the country.
  • 2. She made up her mind to take them only when her daughter joined her entreaties to mine.
  • 3. His entreaties prevailed, and a reconciliation was effected between the general and his troops.
  • 4. All our entreaties have never been able to persuade you to send us even a miniature.
  • 5. Not even the entreaties of those kind friends could any longer prevent what was inevitable.
  • 6. He turned a deaf ear to the entreaties of failing merchants to help them on their feet again.
  • 7. In vain he sends commands and entreaties to these dusky ladies to come and share his solitude.
  • 8. All the time between seemed to be spent in his fond entreaties to hasten the longed-for day.
  • 9. The decree was gone forth; and no selfish entreaties availed to detain the saint from her reward.
  • 10. At last his entreaties were unheeded, and discord continued to rend asunder the bond of unity.
  • 11. After you left me," he continued, "your memory and your entreaties lingered with me.
  • 12. Neither threats nor entreaties could shake the determination of Hadji, or of the crew.