Enunciate In A Sentence

Definition of Enunciate

(transitive) To make a definite or systematic statement of. | To announce, proclaim. | (transitive) To articulate, pronounce.

How To Use Enunciate In A Sentence?

  • We must not enunciate an idea simply because it is moral, but because it is true.
  • Its value is of course recognised by those who practise morality, or who enunciate moral systems.
  • I desire to do a very sacred thing to-day: to enunciate a couple of platitudes and attest them.
  • Also to enunciate the language rightly one must hold the back and neck erect and the muscles firm.
  • Who would break down in his history, enunciate a false quantity, misquote a speech, or mistake the speaker, in such hearing?
  • Nevertheless, inasmuch as he was the first to enunciate the proposition "All is one," he takes his place in philosophy.
  • Polly explained that perchance Bobbin understood her better than other people, because of her training as an actress, which of course required her to enunciate more distinctly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Enunciate | Enunciate Sentence

  • But just then the judge was in no condition to enunciate them.
  • He was choking too badly over his German wrath to enunciate words.

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