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  • He enunciated the truth.
  • It is clear for what reason Heracleitus enunciated this principle.
  • And Ulfar enunciated this dictum with a very scornful shrug of his shoulders.

How To Use Enunciated In A Sentence?

  • He is not content to trust himself entirely to the method enunciated in the preface.
  • The boy stared wonderingly, as the doctor enunciated a matter which was beyond his grasp.
  • But as she went on her courage came back, and she enunciated her words clearly and distinctly.
  • The great principle enunciated in the Constitution has silently repealed most of these laws.
  • This does not seem to me to bear any relation to the theory of prayer as enunciated in the Gospel.
  • An allusion to the well-known doctrine of the music of the spheres, enunciated by Plato.
  • The new cable was designed in accordance with the principles enunciated by Professor Thomson.
  • The general principles we have just enunciated are of great importance in the regulation of the health.
  • The principle enunciated in this sermon is the cardinal and controlling principle of the whole revival.
  • Now let us take an example that will show the simplicity and precision of the formula enunciated above.
  • Thus early in the history of the colony was enunciated the principle that taxation without representation is unjust and illegal.
  • He had an immense command of rapidly enunciated phrases which were run together and interspersed with melodramatic pauses and gestures.
  • As enunciated today, "progress" is simply a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative.
  • Party feeling ran high with regard to the principles enunciated by the so-called "friends of freedom".
  • This doctrine, too, was enunciated many years before the corresponding doctrines were established among men of science.
  • When the broad rules for software and business methods were enunciated by the federal courts, software was already a developed industry.
  • There seemed a fine devotional tone in her opening words, especially enunciated as they were, with a full and rounded unction.
  • There appear to remain only the inspirational theory of direct revelation and the theory of the world-soul enunciated by the Occultists.
  • But I said it pretty low, because that staircase banked with girls was no place for distinctly enunciated personalities.
  • One night, when the parliament of our shanty was assembled in full conclave, the Fiend enunciated his views.
  • With the view of explaining the principles which we have just enunciated by diagrams, we give four illustrations (Figs.
  • Nevertheless, we cannot allow that we have enunciated a single proposition which is either 'false' or 'groundless.' ...
  • The universal fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is only practically enunciated in the religion of Christ.
  • I have hardly read a book on socialism, but that which I have just enunciated I believe in general to be its theory.
  • There were others who held and enunciated the new faith that came from Germany, the transfigured protestantism of the land of Luther.
  • This may be enunciated thus: The recall of an image, or of a group of images, is in some cases the result of a sum of predominant tendencies.
  • Nor was it to be wondered at that when occasionally a proletarian uprising enunciated radical principles, these principles should seem to be abnormally ultra-revolutionary.
  • The result was the formal application to Cuba of the principle which had already been enunciated by Congress in respect to Florida.
  • The principles enunciated by his sovereign and the measures by which those in power sought to attain the end in view were pretty sure to seem laudable or at least excusable to him.
  • The wood engravings, photographed from life, are illustrative of the management of the reins in accordance with the principles enunciated in the work.
  • A thousand of the most beautiful and eminent verities enunciated by myself only collect into a kind of frozen pall that hangs about her miserable little head and does nothing more useful than suffocate her.
  • His inaugural address, in that florid rhetoric of which he was master, enunciated principles of government to which no friend of human liberty could object.
  • And as Mr. Peddar enunciated the sentiment, his hands ran carelessly through his hair, and performed a kind of impromptu toilet.
  • Thus, and in similar terms, the entire crew expressed their perfect agreement with the view enunciated by the carpenter; and there and then the matter was settled.
  • When she formulates in these days something that has not been formulated before, she is no more enunciating a new truth than was Newton when he enunciated the theory of gravitation.
  • Now she enunciated it with every vowel and consonant correctly and primly uttered; indeed, she repeated it four or five times in proof of complete mastery.

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simple past tense and past participle of enunciate
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