Environs In A Sentence

Definition of Environs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of environ | The surroundings; the environment.

How To Use Environs In A Sentence?

  • Thus the church stood in the environs of the town, unincumbered with buildings.
  • In the environs of this place he observed some very singular Indian antiquities.
  • The mass of houses, however, unfolds itself as you approach; the environs are low and monotonous.
  • Since the steel strike ended I have not been beyond the environs of Pittsburgh.
  • The Manchesters are cosy behind the best built schanzes in the environs of Ladysmith.
  • The environs of Liverpool are particularly ugly, remarkably flat, and deficient in wood and water.
  • Already the now distant roaring could be heard as they approached the environs of Will Tree.
  • The young Commines is surprised that Paris and her environs were rich enough to feed so many men.
  • The environs of Huacho abound in fine fruit gardens, and productive Indian farms.
  • He knew that she had not called on any of her friends and that she must have stolen a last ride through the environs of the town.
  • About the church are many pavillions, all comprehended in the exact square which environs that building.
  • Time enthrals them with fear and environs them with alarms; death lifts them into the region of eternal joy.
  • It will be seen by the sketch, how completely the guns in each enclosure can sweep the edges as well as the whole of the environs of the camp.
  • A species of overseer employed in most of the large farming establishments in the environs of Paris.
  • The special policeman of the group and its environs was a robin, who lived in a two-story nest under the eaves of the hay-barn.
  • I had the entire environs of the city at my disposal; as yet, there was no degree of cold worth speaking of in the weather.
  • In the environs there was almost nothing, hardly even a few grasses, with some dwarf mimosas and stunted bushes.
  • L'esplanade, le palais du lord commissaire et les environs forment une ville anglaise.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Environs | Environs Sentence

  • What stillness here environs me!
  • The environs are not picturesque.
  • The environs are highly cultivated.
  • Most of the plantations in the environs are more healthy.
  • I again walked out and roamed in the environs of the town.
  • Budin dont les environs sont charmans.
  • Valence et les environs fussent en révolution.
  • The environs of Clermont are picturesque.
  • Fragments of ancient pottery from the environs of Wolpi.
  • The position of Nefta and its environs is very picturesque.
  • Montès est né à Chiclana, dans les environs de Cadix.
  • Even the wonderful volante can only make its way in the environs of cities.
  • Castro prit position dans les environs pour surveiller ses mouvements.
  • There are several small restaurants in the environs of Vichy.
  • The forts, built in a ring in the environs of the city, were safe enough.
  • The soil is formed of alluvial beds extending up to the environs of Merv.
  • Peter Leroux was a poor ploughman in the environs of Beaugeney.
  • Having done various things, I carefully surveyed my environs for a lady.
  • Avec cela nous irions tous les trois nous amuser dans les environs de Paris...
  • Une bonne paysanne, des environs de Compiègne, avait été mise auprès de moi.
  • En ce moment, Pastorel visitait une manade aux environs des Saintes.
  • Latour-Maubourg, Barnave, and Potion, joined them in the environs of Epernay.

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