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  • It was the epic of an heroic journey.
  • An epic cannot be condensed into a graduation exercise.
  • The grand epic of the race is yet to be produced.
  • These epic moments are best related swiftly.
  • I saw war through my reveries of epic poetry.
  • The great epic of their lives, how happily concluded!
  • The epic contains a Zuni cosmogony.
  • A great German cathedral is a religious epic in stone.
  • An Epic Poem of the Beginnings of Britain.
  • An Epic Poem, in Three Books.
  • These are the three great schools of the world in the epic style.
  • He mentions first a turgid epic poet for whom he has no regard.
  • Men tell of that encounter now; it is already epic on the river.
  • The circumstances of the great epic of the sun-god fits most hero-tales.
  • It is a compound lyric, with an epic theme and somewhat of an epic cast.
  • The quaking earth did quake in rhyme, Seas ebbed and flowed in epic chime.
  • Flush production; the epic of oil in the Gulf Southwest.
  • Thus far an Epicurean might well go, and must go in an epic of the heroic age.
  • The Napoleonic Era is an epic subject, and waits a great epic poet.

How To Use Epic In A Sentence?

  • A contrast of any page of an epic with one of a romance will show their essential unlikeness.
  • The epic movement of Eleusinian triumph was in its range as unlimited as the movement of sorrow.
  • The moral ideas on which many of the maerchen, sagas, or epic myths turn are often identical.
  • Not less strikingly does the difference between the epic and the novel appear in their different uses.
  • In a national epic classical objectivity could not suffice for a people that had grown so self-conscious.
  • See that this picture, which is in itself an epic of self-sacrifice and gallantry, reaches every one.
  • This is a very important conclusion, and it must have a far-reaching bearing upon the history of the earliest epic literature.
  • The whole epic paints in never-fading colors the disastrous effect upon the intellect of putting on soldier-clothes.
  • My book is not ready for the press yet; and as to writing here, who could produce an epic in the pauses of a summerset?
  • With the best will in the world to speak in praise of cities it must be owned that the epic and lyric moments of London are infrequent.
  • Their accuracy I would not guarantee, but they belong to the epic of the war and are true to the spirit of the people.
  • It is from this lofty rank that she descends in the national epic to combat on the Ilian plain among warring gods and men.
  • This novel is an intense, glowing epic of the great desert, sunlit barbaric, with its marvelous atmosphere of vastness and loneliness.
  • His prowess was celebrated by Pentaour, a contemporary poet, in an epic canto which has survived to our day.
  • Clearly the great epic of Rome could not have matured in that atmosphere of suspicion, intrigue, and selfishness.
  • During the age of chivalry, conditions in Ireland were not calculated to promote the growth of epic and lyric poetry after the continental manner.
  • Before Vergil's epic appeared it was Varius who was always considered the epic poet of the group.
  • Such is the chief subject of all the great epic poems, and most ancient heroic Sagas of the Indians.
  • Then there are Varius and Pollio, in epic and tragedy respectively, of whose forceful directness he does approve.
  • It was an epic in stone and marble, and so powerful was the effect it produced on me, that as I beheld it I was charmed and melted.
  • They also sing rude epic verses, accompanied by the dance in honour of men distinguished in the late Namaqua and Damara war.

Definition of Epic

(category theory, of a morphism) That is an epimorphism. | An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a deity or demigod (heroic epic) or other legendary or traditional hero. | A series of events considered appropriate to an epic.
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