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  • There are always trivial epidemics that nobody notices.
  • Every modern literature has been subject to these epidemics and diseases.
  • How many of children's epidemics originate in these!
  • The demand was sometimes great, especially when epidemics befell them.

How To Use Epidemics In A Sentence?

  • Before the epidemics devastated it it had been a considerable native community.
  • There are epidemics of credulity as of infidelity, and such a plague raged at this period.
  • According to the ordinary course of things, epidemics are special in their operation.
  • There were also many victims of the prevailing epidemics of trench-fever and rabid influenza.
  • When famine occurs these conditions are exaggerated, and various epidemics ravage the population.
  • At one time epidemics of typhoid fever were regarded as a revelation of the wrath of God.
  • During epidemics of typhoid fever, scarlet fever, diphtheria, or any form of diarrhoeal disease.
  • Who will now stand up and try to maintain that the disease in those epidemics was propagated from person to person?
  • It is not by chance that the earlier epidemics of pathological suggestibility have on the whole disappeared with the better popular education.
  • In epidemics of disease every physician should advise its use in mild infusion as a regular beverage.
  • During epidemics it should be not only compulsory in municipalities to have water filtered in each house before drinking, but it should be boiled.
  • The efficacy of chlorination to prevent and check epidemics of water-borne typhoid has never been doubted.
  • Yellow fever epidemics do not occur in the winter months in the temperate zone and they do not occur in arid regions.
  • In addition there was a secular belief that outdoor bathing helped to spread the fearful epidemics that periodically swept the continent.
  • A great many epidemics of typhoid fever occurred in just this way, before people realized how great this danger was.
  • We were, indeed, now entering a country that has been almost depopulated by successive epidemics of contagious diseases.
  • The failure of crops, famine, epidemics and earthquakes filled the minds of the superstitious with vague terrors.
  • But even in these great epidemics very few Europeans died, while in the cholera epidemics there has been no exemption.
  • The natives, in the mean time, live as best they can, and epidemics of cholera and diphtheria are of yearly occurrence.
  • In the island of Mauritius this infusion was widely used as a stimulant and aromatic in the cholera epidemics of 1854 and 1856.
  • These great epidemics of plague were, however, in some respects more terrible than the cholera, for they continued many months.
  • Famines, epidemics of cholera and plague, and other general calamities really helped us to increase our influence in various districts.
  • But the fact that great epidemics were liable to invade us, and did invade us, led to a system of quarantine and to enforced vaccination.
  • In most cases, as with these epidemics and contagions, a specific germ is introduced into the blood and multiplies, feeding on the vital fluid.
  • In this institution all the older children go out to public schools and there have been no cases of smallpox or typhus in spite of the epidemics the city has had this winter.
  • Not so many epidemics of diphtheria as of typhoid have been traced to milk, but the evidence is sufficient to indict milk as a disseminator of contagion.
  • The anti-gastric method has been of some service in epidemics and individual cases, when the character of the disease was decidedly gastric and bilious.
  • Here abundant crops of sugar and tobacco had brought wealth and luxury, but not many immigrants because of the havoc made by epidemics of yellow fever.
  • Milk is not so frequently the cause of dissemination as the other factors, but where milk supplies become contaminated, epidemics of considerable magnitude are wont to occur.
  • Those who live a pastoral life are also exposed to cruel hardships from the destruction of their flocks and herds by those epidemics against which even modern science sometimes struggles in vain.
  • It is true that yellow fever epidemics have resulted, as a rule, from the introduction to a previously healthy locality of one or more persons suffering from the disease.
  • The consequences are easy to trace; the country was again and again swept by epidemics which were naturally followed by severe famines, and thus on every side progress was checked.

Definition of Epidemics

plural of epidemic
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