Epitaph In A Sentence

Definition of Epitaph

(intransitive) To write or speak after the manner of an epitaph. | (transitive) To commemorate by an epitaph. | An inscription on a gravestone in memory of the deceased.

How To Use Epitaph In A Sentence?

  • Could there be a more beautiful epitaph or a more poignant commentary on a world askew?
  • The epitaph cannot open its scanty records to any breathing or insinuation of infirmity.
  • The deceased should have been a jolly bottleman; but the epitaph indicated nothing of the kind.
  • This may not be good poetry, but it is an admirably concise epitaph of the age.
  • The hero, if he had perished, would scarcely have been sure of his epitaph even.
  • Dibdin wrote the epitaph inscribed above her grave in the cathedral yard of Rochester.
  • When he died in 1670, he left a hundred crowns to whoever would write an epitaph worthy of him.
  • She makes the epitaph anew, though the selfsame words may have served for a thousand graves.
  • John Murdoch warmly approved of this epitaph of his former pupil and friend Robert.
  • His epitaph I wrote, as inserted below; What tribute more friendly could I on him bestow?
  • It soon occurred to him to make an epitaph for her, and carve it in the cliff over which she was thrown.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Epitaph | Epitaph Sentence

  • Again the epitaph had to be erased.
  • Even the epitaph was not mine.
  • The following epitaph for him was handed about.
  • Dugdale mentions that there is no epitaph on his monument.
  • For it is the epitaph of a buried hope.
  • My epitaph shall be my name alone.
  • The short epitaph on the front was written by himself.
  • His epitaph shall be the place he fell on.
  • This epitaph gave me great trouble for years.
  • Of whom, after all, could a richer epitaph be written?
  • An Epitaph on Partridge.
  • They carry your epitaph with them written on their own hearts.
  • His epitaph says that he was the most celebrated organist of his time.
  • It is greatly to be lamented that this curious epitaph is mutilated.
  • It appears to be an epitaph by a husband in memory of his wife.
  • Again he was defeated, and again the epitaph was jubilantly rewritten.
  • But the young poetess's epitaph was premature.
  • By his epitaph he appears to have been forty-two years old when he died.
  • Such was the epitaph that the gallant Northumberlands gave him when he fell.
  • What is the epitaph on Jefferson's tomb?
  • On A Noted Coxcomb Epitaph On Capt.
  • They make honest Boileau's epitaph lie.
  • No finer epitaph could be composed in memory of Wilson and his comrades.
  • There is one Latin epitaph at Streatham that reads curiously.
  • Were a beseeming Epitaph for me, The other tastes of too much soveraigntie.
  • Oscar Wilde lacked that art, and I can think of no better epitaph for him.
  • The epitaph of Phillips is in the porch of Wolverhampton Church.
  • He was also asked to write an epitaph on John Frederick Roorbach.

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