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  • Already the epoch seems remote.
  • It was an event which marked an epoch in his career.
  • Then at a certain stage the epoch of life begins.
  • There was an epoch when the Earth did not exist.
  • To Napoleon the crisis was an epoch of fate.
  • It was certainly a very critical and important epoch in my life.
  • The epoch of life continues for a vast indeterminate period.
  • Again it must be noted how wide an epoch can be spanned by a month or two.
  • How strangely a dominant thought sometimes runs through a whole epoch of life!

How To Use Epoch In A Sentence?

  • It is that this doctrine does not apply more particularly to the present epoch than to any other.
  • This century has been the epoch of investigation into the nature of the imponderable forces.
  • It is impossible to determine the exact epoch of this primitive celestial geography.
  • After the epoch of life begins only certain forms of existence are for a while possible.
  • The appearance of such a religion forms the most momentous epoch of human history.
  • This plan must be drawn up for a number of years, for the whole epoch that lies before us.
  • The battle that was thus opened was the beginning of a new epoch in Irish history.
  • It heralds the coming of the brightest epoch yet chronicled in American history.
  • One of the theatres opened during the revolutionary epoch was the Theatre Feydeau.
  • In Beethoven, the greatest of them all, was laid the basis of the new epoch of tone-poetry.
  • Precisely the epoch at which this takes place belongs to the most interesting in intellectual development.
  • He is now about to enter on the epoch which puts to the fullest test the varied resources of his genius.
  • The study of the heavens at this epoch began to reach out from the planetary system to the fixed stars.
  • The epoch of life seems to be terminable at the further extreme by a planetary condition in which life is no longer possible.
  • His best works abound in combinations which may be said to be an epoch in the handling of musical style.
  • His pictures of this epoch show him with mouth more close shut than ever; but otherwise there was no sign.
  • These facts tend to show that every world has in its career an intermediate period which may be called the epoch of life.
  • It was, in spite of its notable artists, on an entirely different level from the epoch which had preceded it.
  • Into that education there entered the most varying methods and practices, which in addition changed from one epoch to another.
  • A real nutshell drama had usurped the place of that fictitious one that had as yet failed to mark an epoch by so much as a scratch.
  • But we only see them long after the epoch at which the phenomena occurred, years upon years, and centuries ago.
  • No, no; the ancients did not mark the time in such a manner; they did not take an uncertain century for the certain epoch of a year.
  • But such a set of moneyless rascals have never appeared, since the epoch of the happy villain Falstaff.
  • Polish society at this epoch pulsated with an originality, an imagination, and a romance, which transfigured even the common things of life.
  • A certain noted engineer named Chappe invented at this epoch a telegraph that might be properly called successful.
  • No doubt in some of the worlds an epoch of life has been provided ten times as great, possibly a thousand times as great, as in other planets.
  • They were built up of the rank and file, of elements who in the last epoch were oppressed, driven into a dark corner, deprived of their rights.
  • And the first rain-washed morning is an epoch in the Rhodesian year; therefore it cannot be dismissed with a curt announcement.
  • This can be shown from facts, both important and insignificant, day by day during the whole epoch of the Soviet revolution.
  • In a dim way she felt herself in league with a mighty force, and the desire to mark an epoch in the American drama came to her.
  • Kautskianism is a whole epoch behind the gigantic economic problems being solved at present by the Soviet Government.

Definition of Epoch

(sciences, transitive) To divide (data) into segments by time period. | A particular period of history, especially one considered noteworthy or remarkable. | A notable event which marks the beginning of such a period.
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