Equal Rights In A Sentence

How To Use Equal Rights In A Sentence?

  • What business have these people to talk about equal rights and the consent of the governed?
  • Wilson believes he can obtain peace on the basis of our proposed equal rights of all nations.
  • If you know any colored man who is a strong champion of equal rights, bring him along.
  • They have no love and very little respect for the equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • But, when both parties assert claims, both have equal rights to enter it, when negotiation fails.
  • Where does the freethinker have equal rights with the Christian, equal freedom, equal justice?
  • Is not this instinctive democratic plan an essential principle of a government founded upon equal rights?
  • In the animal kingdom we see that the male and the female have equal rights; and that they each share the advantages of their kind.
  • Children must be taught to tell the truth, just as they must be taught the principles of justice and equal rights.
  • The sufferings of his fellow-men, equal rights for all, were matters that ever touched him most nearly.
  • By proclaiming equal rights and equal subjection to the burdens of the state, he arrayed the privileged classes against his person.
  • For who will dare to say that force has been given to us, not to defend our rights, but to annihilate the equal rights of our brethren?
  • The State control of all privileges, the private ownership of which interfered with the equal rights of all.
  • This sentiment found expression in the once popular slogan, "Equal rights for all.
  • All merits have equal rights in my eyes; but you do not know the prejudices of those among whom I live.
  • My only fault in the eyes of this champion of equal rights was that I was opposed to converting men and women into beasts of burden.
  • In a democracy it should, without question, be a fundamental fact that hand in hand with equal rights there should go a sense of equal duty.
  • Though women in the South as elsewhere form a majority of the church membership, they have not had equal rights in church administration.
  • In the world of humanity we find a great difference; the female sex is treated as though inferior, and is not allowed equal rights and privileges.
  • The demand for equal rights in every vocation of life is just and fair; but, after all, the most vital right is the right to love and be loved.
  • My plea for women is, therefore, based not upon the notion of equal rights, but rather upon that of equal duties.
  • The Constitution declares that slaves are property; that all the States and the people have equal rights.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Equal Rights | Equal Rights Sentence

  • And this they call equal rights!
  • Each has equal rights in making a will.
  • In a democracy each and all have equal rights.
  • Every citizen has equal rights to them and in them.
  • Under the starry flag there are equal rights for all.
  • National minorities shall enjoy equal rights.
  • This is the ideal of equal rights to all human values.
  • Have not all guests who pay, equal rights in hotels?
  • The Entire Span of Equal Rights.
  • The laborers should have equal rights before the world and before the law.
  • Equal rights once conceded as just, this reasoning cannot be refuted.
  • For food all had equal rights and took an equal part in procuring it.
  • All the students have equal rights; and each class has peculiar instructors.
  • Equal Rights Of Citizens XIX.
  • It may be well to explain what I mean by equal rights before the law.
  • The lives of 12 Negro men and women and their struggle for equal rights.
  • The Jew shall henceforth be a citizen with equal rights in Rumania.
  • Show how the United States gave citizens of the different States equal rights.

Definition of Equal Rights

The concept that every person is to be treated equally by the law.
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