Equaled In A Sentence

Definition of Equaled

simple past tense and past participle of equal

How To Use Equaled In A Sentence?

  • No bodily pain could have equaled the mental agony to which the usurer was submitted.
  • But none of his enemies equaled him in knowledge, genius, or character for war.
  • It is said to be unsurpassed in the world in this respect, and only equaled by Australia.
  • Inside the house I have my library, which can scarcely be equaled in the States.
  • However, her estimated catch nearly equaled that of France and America combined.
  • Dr. Atlee reports two cases, which nearly equaled three hundred and fifty-six days each.
  • The Indians showed a willingness to work that Roger had never seen equaled by white men.
  • Count Timascheff's desire to return to the world was quite equaled by Lieutenant Procope's.
  • That finish gave it an effect which enhanced its value to a price which equaled any cherry or mahogany product.
  • He had no intention of competing with her on her own preserve; and he had a pride in his profession that equaled her pride of birth.
  • The office of lawmaker should be the highest in the land, equaled in honor only by that of the minister of the gospel.
  • The nineteenth century seems likely to be equaled if not surpassed in new material appliances of civilization and luxury.
  • For a moment it struck me that she equaled her sister in beauty; and she was wholly bewitching with the mischief shining in her eyes.
  • Sally's confidence in her mistress was equaled or perhaps even excelled by her mistress's confidence in herself.
  • The actual amount of potash required to neutralize the acid in the wash water equaled 0.20 per cent.
  • A purpose which he had reasoned out as practical became an inspiration to him which nothing could shake, for his courage equaled his convictions.
  • This has been equaled but three times in all the phenomenal "rushes" of recent years into the western states.
  • None has equaled him, certainly none has surpassed him, in the felicity of phrasing with which he clothed these children of his fancy.
  • That fellow's contempt for his job was equaled only by the babu station master's scorn of him and his own for the station master.
  • I have known nothing in the way of exact political prescience, long in advance of the event, that equaled this or approached it.
  • They were good daubs in a way, but were laid on without fire; such work as any respectable schoolmarm might have equaled if not surpassed.
  • No matter what torments the others inflicted, his loyalty equaled the cruelty of the rest, for he had drunk the wine of unadulterated love.
  • The Republican campaign was conducted with a degree of passion that had scarcely been equaled in America before that day.
  • As I recall the rapid changes of that time it seems to me that the betterments came with a rapidity rarely if ever equaled in human history.
  • Amid all the memories Dane carried with him from Africa there were only two which equaled in vividness that of the few following moments.
  • The advance was slow, a wonderful retreat, perhaps the most heroic known until almost equaled by the Russians later on.
  • Nowhere in the universe was one who equaled in beauty his sister Helen, the beautiful Helen with silver tresses.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Equaled | Equaled Sentence

  • No indignity could have equaled it.
  • Up to that time the feat had never been equaled or approached.
  • Her brilliant conversation was equaled only by her modest demeanor.
  • The length of these prairie festivities is equaled only by their rarity.
  • The prostration by grief is only equaled by that of violent disease.
  • Probably no man has ever equaled him in the use of the six shooter.
  • His share equaled the part left by the father, nothing more.
  • Stone's dislike of the experiment was only equaled by Robinson's.
  • Mort looked at Becky with a surprise that equaled Penny's.
  • Each element, therefore, equaled 0.0000262 volt for each degree Cent.
  • Increase unparalleled in Ancient Cities; equaled only by Milwaukee, etc.
  • I'd ever had, an' I don't know 't anythin' 's ever equaled it since.
  • Several men tried, but none equaled the first man's performance.

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