Equally In A Sentence

How To Use Equally In A Sentence?

  • The pains he had taken and the pains he had inflicted had been equally useless.
  • He now tried to match the gunpowder tales of the stranger by others equally tremendous.
  • Yes; and the images as well as the creation are equally the work of a divine hand.
  • Her whole soul was spoken in her eyes, and he felt that his eyes betrayed him equally plainly.
  • An equally blood-thirsty member of the weasel family, with the subject of the preceding paragraph.
  • In short, according to this scheme, all things are equally free, and all equally necessary.
  • Both are in the right, and both are in the wrong; but, as we shall hereafter see, not equally so.
  • She looked as well as ever, and Nurse was equally generous in the matter of tea and toast.
  • No one else has equally mastered the opinions of his predecessors or traced the connexion of them in the same manner.
  • She had firmly told her mother that if it were wrong for her to take the one, it must be equally so to take the other.
  • As a real estate agent and as a collector he was equally unsuccessful, and his fortunes were at a very low ebb.
  • It is of course equally correct to write the above as two sentences each, replacing the semicolons by periods.
  • The power to inspire equally devotion and hatred had been throughout history the authentic sign of the saviour and of the destroyer.
  • Major Darcy was equally pleased with this compliment, which he characteristically accepted for himself.
  • When they arrived opposite to the parsonage, they found its kind inhabitants equally anxious to bestow the parting benediction.
  • Whether it rains heavily to-morrow or not, stifling dust or pouring rain would be equally prejudicial to me.
  • The subject is, therefore, equally liable to receive impressions from the minds of others, and from their passions and lusts.
  • He was grown stone deaf, and very nearly equally blind, and so weak that the two last days he could not walk up-stairs.
  • In my excitement, I never thought of that, nor of the equally unpleasant fact that wildcats are expert climbers.
  • And the answer to the difficulty about Being may be equally the answer to the difficulty about Not-being.
  • If the reverse be the case, I shall equally expect an immediate reply, as other publishers have already made me offers.
  • The neglect of these orders brought a pointed letter from Hamilton, and an equally significant rebuke from Washington himself.
  • They were all new, all commonplace, and all equally destitute of swing-trees, interesting corners, deep window-seats, or superannuated boxes.
  • Whether or not Mr. Hicks had known of the leeches was a matter for much discussion, and opinion was about equally divided as to his innocence.
  • The fourth concert will be given on Tuesday, May 10, when an equally attractive programme will be presented.
  • As I grew older my feelings remained equally acute, and I was easily transported into paroxysms of pleasure or rage.
  • And there are not only divine creations but divine imitations, such as apparitions and shadows and reflections, which are equally the work of a divine mind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Equally | Equally Sentence

  • Both are equally disgraceful.
  • But is mind equally passive?
  • In his foreign policy he was equally successful.
  • The rest of the robbers were equally furious.
  • But we may be; equally ignorant of both.
  • I followed, equally silent.
  • And Joan was equally afraid of them.
  • An almost equally great factor is the average length of the conversation.
  • That he could not take his ill luck with equanimity was equally clear.
  • I asked, my sympathies being about equally divided between man and horse.
  • And the not-great may be said to exist, equally with the great?
  • Poor Emily's heart is equally broken.
  • STRANGER: And equally irrational to admit that a name is anything?

Definition of Equally

(manner) In an equal manner; in equal shares or proportion; with equal and impartial justice; evenly | (degree) In equal degree or extent; just as. | (conjunctive) Used to link two or more coordinate elements
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