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How To Use Erased In A Sentence?

  • Nor can you so easily be erased from my memory as my negligence might seem to imply.
  • Several officious hands at once clutched the duster and erased the offending portrait.
  • If he produced reasonable grounds, the names were erased and others substituted for them.
  • He chose poverty and science, and earned a name never to be erased from the book of fame.
  • After this lugubrious pleasantry, he erased the cross, and began to count the white crosses.
  • How many times had Debra done terrible things and erased their memories that way?
  • On page 16 right is a partly erased black numeral, which from the traces may be either 10 or 11.
  • He had erased the name of Pringle from the stone that covered little Jack, the wonder-child.
  • In one instance,(77) however, the chronicler has erased a curious note to a genealogy in Genesis.
  • And she told herself that he had behaved very ill, so ill that the fact of his existence must be erased from the tablets of her memory.
  • Power of suggestion," he whispered, but the smile was erased from his lips as he listened.
  • He once wrote the words under the notes too large, but discovering his mistake, he erased and rewrote them.
  • The lines of weariness and pain that never could be fully erased were all for her, she thought with a little catch of her breath.
  • Their coat of arms was erased by Lorenzo's adherents wherever it was discovered.
  • One fearful moment of forgetfulness, which can never be erased from my mind, led me to come to my senses.
  • Pencil marks may be erased with art gum used gently; soil of any other kind is almost impossible to remove.
  • I am now informed that by my flight I have erased those impressions which my former behaviour had made in my favour.
  • If all that we have gained from the shores of the Mediterranean was erased from the memory of man, we should be savages.
  • The inscription on this monument was erased at the Restoration, otherwise it would have been removed.
  • He halted suddenly, all remembrance of their surroundings, their possible peril, as instantly erased from his mind.
  • In this case a third tonalamatl must have begun somewhere to the left, and ended on the erased right side of page 15.
  • Allowing for the space erased I have restored the last column to the right, and part of the preceding.
  • One by one the great names in this department of modern French literature become erased from the lists of the living.
  • Perhaps they have erased those pictures with the water of holy baptism, since they embraced the true Catholic ceremonies.
  • The passing of the years had easily erased the tender feelings that Mikky the little street urchin had stirred in his heart.
  • Poland was erased from among the nations of the earth; while France put forth a gigantic strength in the triumphant defence of its nationality.
  • A tranquil smile, sweet and pathetic, erased the pain-wrinkles from Flukey's face.
  • Too much of the upper section is erased for any comment other than that its arrangement seems to have been parallel in all respects with the middle section.
  • When the accounts and arrears are sent in, the entry in the Arrears Books should be erased in blue pencil.
  • The first column is almost totally erased on every page, and I have disregarded it both in assigning reference numbers and in the type cards.
  • Really artistic piano playing is an impossibility until the outlines of technic have been erased to make way for true interpretation from the highest sense of the word.
  • She went in to say her own good night, the Poem, much erased and interlined, tucked in the front of her blouse together with ineffable sensations.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Erased | Erased Sentence

  • Something had erased her.
  • We have calmed you and erased your fear.
  • Such a caricature could not be erased by compliments.
  • The word liquors above is erased with a pen.
  • Anger had carried away fear, rest erased fatigue.
  • But all friendliness was erased as he swung back upon the Commander.
  • So I erased her from your mind, Steve, and submerged any former association.
  • The last two words erased much of the new base-admiral's pleasure.

Definition of Erased

(heraldry) having the appearance of being forcibly torn off, with parts left jagged or uneven. | simple past tense and past participle of erase
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