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  • Then Eric knew that he must follow the direction in which the bird had disappeared.
  • Then Eric covered his face with his hands and sobbed as if his heart would break.
  • The voyage was successful, and no doubt Eric was sorry he had been frightened by the bad omen.
  • So saying he drew his cloak away, making room for Eric on the rock where he was resting.
  • Still Eric sat, gazing into space, till night came down and blotted out all things from his sight.
  • And so he bade his ships drop away sternwards; and then Earl Eric lay broadside on.
  • Earl Eric abode as then at Hladir, which was left to him by his father, and a mighty lord he was.
  • And when Earl Eric saw that the Snake was defenceless amidships he boarded it with fifteen men.
  • As Sir Eric Geddes once remarked to me, nothing is quite so deceptive as geography.
  • It was Senta, the daughter of Daland, and closely following her, came Eric the hunter.
  • To Eric they suddenly appeared like enemies come together from all parts of the world to plan his destruction.
  • Earl Eric with his men then charged aft on the space next the poop, and a stubborn resistance was there.
  • But Eric was too young and happy to hear within its notes anything but entrancing melodies existing solely to delight his ears.
  • With a cry of joy Eric stretched out his hands towards that shadowy figure, for was it not his old and venerated friend the hermit!
  • Just as she neared the spot where Eric stood she once more bent to the snow, and with almost loving precaution raised something in her hand.
  • One was a jarl from the south, and the others men of less note, and they had looked to gather men to Eric hence.
  • He looked back in thoughts upon the way he had come, and there seemed to him a great difference between the Eric of yesterday and to-day.
  • Still holding Eric by the hand, she led him through the wide-open doors into a vast hall, made of ice and snow.
  • King Wanda had called for him to be brought before his presence, but Eric had sullenly refused to answer his command.
  • Probably both slept, because when Eric next looked up there was a faint red streak in the sky; the darkness of the night was slowly lifting.
  • From whence the child came, whose it was, how it had been lost here amongst these drear solitudes Eric could not get it to relate.
  • In a moment Eric was on his feet, sword in hand, throwing himself before the terrified child, that at all costs he meant to protect!
  • Their huge soft feet marked also a little road on the even surface which would soon join the one Eric had made from the opposite direction.
  • Looking up, Eric saw myriads of stars twinkling down upon him from unknown heights, like friendly eyes encouraging him on his way.
  • Thoughts came but slowly to him as through a mist, because we know that since that fatal morning Eric Gundian had lost his wits.
  • But now Eric felt how completely exhausted he was; so throwing himself upon the naked rock, he lay face downwards like one who is dead.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eric | Eric Sentence

  • Then Eric understood....
  • Thus Eric the Red might have wooed.
  • Edited by Eric S. Robertson.
  • SEE la Varende, Eric de.
  • Very carefully Eric climbed down towards that curious gathering.
  • There would be nothing but turmoil in the land so long as Eric reigned.
  • As Eric sat down he saw that two covered objects lay upon the table.
  • But still Eric lay without movement, his face among the crushed flowers.
  • None had been able to keep him back; Eric of the golden locks, ...
  • Otto Meyerhof, Eric G. Ball, Fritz Lipmann & others.
  • Hitler and I. Translated by Gwenda David & Eric Mosbacher.
  • And then Eric saw that within the woman's heart a dagger had been thrust....
  • Then Eric spoke like one in a dream: "Thou sawest the eyes!
  • Earl Eric answered: 'Sire, let this swift long-ship pass if she will.

Definition of Eric

(historical) A fine paid as compensation for violent crimes.
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