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  • The errant buttons did not trouble her.
  • In luminous and errant ways.
  • An errant breath of wind was fluttering the pages.
  • But determined fiddlers errant usually land on their feet.
  • C'est Hercule, ce chevalier errant de l'antiquité.
  • The errant couple came to New Mexico and took up lands.
  • Once more a pleasant field-path beguiles our errant footsteps.
  • From her father she had inherited a remarkable and seldom errant judgment.
  • Now for the first time in her life her errant dreams took concrete shape.
  • Let the weary errant bee rest in the fragrant chalice of the closed flower.
  • After the turmoil of a camp full of errant heroes, we have a picture of love.
  • Now with what zest He runs to find his errant wealth again!
  • Adelaide restait inerte, le regard errant et vague, docile et stupide.
  • En errant à travers les rues, nous débouchâmes sur la place du marché.
  • He heard a voice none else could hear From centred and from errant sphere.
  • An errant Lyar, Fed by Desire, It is, and yet it is not.
  • Twere errant folly to presume Love's flame could burn and not consume.

How To Use Errant In A Sentence?

  • Amarilly gave a graphic account of the adventures of the errant garment to date.
  • She looked at him again, and an errant thought slipped in between her larger anxieties.
  • A furred tongue and an aching head gradually brought home some errant sense of shame.
  • A long feeler reached forth and grasped the errant portion, returning it with a vicious jerk.
  • Old boots are the nuisance of the London dust heaps, the terror of the errant mongrel.
  • While the procession halts, the soldiers of the Knight Errant flock out to inspect them.
  • And thither, sad to relate, the footsteps of the errant Minstrel Knight led the way.
  • For luckless errant prisoned there, As kneeling monk and pious nun Sang orison at set of sun.
  • Right heartily did we introduce ourselves as pianist and 'cellist errant at his service.
  • And before he undertook his appeal to bring the errant one back to shore he gave himself two days to think it over.
  • It must have been at best an errant fancy, and if concerned with commemorating anybody concerned with commemorating himself.
  • But occasionally a knight errant overheard and at once, lance in hand, he was off on his horse to the rescue.
  • He lifted many errant people to their feet, and started them on their way to a braver life of sacrifice.
  • We have grown too wise to indulge in unprofitable sentimentality, and our knights errant do not come back upon their shields.
  • It was an errant "something" which he could not place, and which he was too uplifted in spirit to heed.
  • But at a little before noon, as we rounded the cheek of a slope, we encountered an errant current of air.
  • Five minutes saw the goodly company of damsels errant and would-be bridegrooms scattered far and near over the smiling meadow.
  • The constable paused to consider, while Molly suddenly whirled down the street and pounced on the errant collie.
  • It was Charles who escorted the errant lady into Lille, but later the duke himself entertained her munificently.
  • I take my leave to seek an errant soul upon the roads, and I shall not return until some testing has surfeited my most uneasy spirit.
  • Some of them may yet let the world know what they think of the attempt to make them the squires of such knights errant as Denifle and Grisar.
  • II Fiddlers errant are apt to rush in and occupy the centre of the stage where angels in good and regular practice fear even to tune up.
  • At what time had his errant footsteps taken him through this curious survival of Eighteenth Century London?

Definition of Errant

Straying from the proper course or standard, or outside established limits. | Wandering; roving around. | Prone to making errors; misbehaved.
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