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  • Writers who disseminate erroneous views.
  • No more erroneous impression could exist.
  • And in this erroneous supposition he has been followed by later writers.
  • Their knowledge of the first cause was very erroneous and confused.
  • But this is a wholly erroneous view of the character of sleep.
  • With them it represented an erroneous estimate of the essentials of religion.
  • The erroneous ideas of the preceding century still held full sway.
  • But I like these colored distinctions, however erroneous they may be.
  • Brereton, British general, erroneous information sent to Nelson, ii.

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  • Perhaps it would not be erroneous to consider it identical with the heraldic antelope.
  • It is possible that an erroneous idea of the strength of block rubber has been formed.
  • The first cause to which I call attention is an erroneous conception of the church itself.
  • This was an erroneous idea of reincarnation, which arose especially in the later Atlantean period.
  • To think that the affairs of this life are always to remain in the same state is an erroneous fancy.
  • Consequently it is entirely erroneous to import into the discussion with which we are concerned, viz.
  • She decided for herself, bringing in the roast with an entirely erroneous belief that she was moving briskly.
  • His tables were shown to be erroneous by the fact that the solar eclipse did not take place as predicted by him in 1645.
  • He utterly disclaimed taking two copies of the magazine, under any such erroneous impression.
  • The animal head and teeth show the erroneous idea the natives had of the gnawing apparatus of insects.
  • Moreover, events followed each other so rapidly that he was given no chance to correct an erroneous first impression.
  • The derogation must lie in the erroneous construction which a weak human creature puts upon the truth.
  • As was to be expected, many erroneous notions are prevalent concerning divine providence and the present war.
  • It is erroneous to imagine that heavy machines (such as those used in crepe preparation) are required.
  • The argument which applies to defective counts, applies to valid counts on which erroneous findings are entered up.
  • It is a generally accepted but erroneous supposition that Americans travel more than any other people.
  • And now to compose myself, and speak calmly on a theme where the slightest appearance of excitement would create erroneous suspicions against me.
  • Two days before he had carefully explained to Hamlen how erroneous his convictions were only to discover that he himself had been in error.
  • And Harboro had wondered where she had got such a monstrously erroneous conception of the law of industrialism.
  • That this position is erroneous is plain from the many myths here collected from peoples lower in culture than the Eskimos.
  • I never thought of it in that light; I have thought his ideas was erroneous and so my clergyman thinks.
  • Of what value is judgment to a goaty old codger, who sits just as snugly over his fire-side, whether his opinions are erroneous or oracular?
  • Such a picture, however, is believed to convey an erroneous idea of the former condition of our Indian tribes.
  • Mr. Greenhow has allowed his antipathy to Vancouver to lead him into an erroneous statement in respect to this headland.
  • The natural but erroneous suggestion of "tree worship" does not fit in very well with the important statement (2 Kings xxiii.
  • But along with that truth and with that geniality there is a streak of that erroneous type of optimism which is founded on the fallacy of which I have spoken above.
  • But, besides such actual fallacy, there are various methods by which a statement literally true may be so related as to convey an erroneous impression.
  • When practised after the old erroneous methods, it would have been without success, since the thread of exercises that ought to precede it were unknown.
  • The writer was not a little surprised to find in the writings of the old Barnabite missionaries a lengthened confutation of this erroneous supposition.
  • In all these objections there is an apparent truth, but there is also a latent error; and the false conclusion is founded on an erroneous supposition in regard to the nature and object of prayer.
  • Whilst I am alluding to the mistake of generalising, let me point out how erroneous it is ever, historically, to talk of Ireland as one country.

Definition of Erroneous

Containing an error; inaccurate. | Derived from an error. | Mistaken.
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