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  • This is an error of date.
  • But it was an error of calculation.
  • This is probably an error of memory.
  • The error of this assertion is evident.
  • The other is an error of mistaken religionists.
  • Many conductors have made the error of rushing through it.
  • Hence, the error of the atheist is obvious.
  • Mary made the fatal error of trying to hug him.
  • But it commonly falls into the error of the vicious circle.
  • Oh, think not of the error of my youth!
  • The devil is the error of mankind....
  • That was the great error of Galileo.
  • Trent did not fall into the error of underrating Castoon.
  • Then Gordon fell into an error of more noted generals.
  • Prime Error of Rothe.
  • Had Mr. Peter Pardriff seen the error of his way?
  • But women are learning how to undo this error of theirs now.
  • That's the standing error of politicians.
  • But they committed the grave error of undervaluing their opponents.
  • It is not my object to discuss the truth or error of this fundamental doctrine.
  • It may be that some of you may yet see the error of your course.
  • Pardon in us every error of the present moment and of all our past.
  • Error of Choice.
  • Nay, this is no delusion; there is no error of the senses here.
  • Posen is the error of a master-mind too much given to hammer at obstacles.
  • The landing was due to a slight error of judgement on the part of the operator.
  • We still have a probable error of several miles in hitting the target.
  • The spirit with which he played the part far outweighed the error of the flesh.
  • She quaked inwardly, wondering what error of hers was to be exposed.
  • I stumbled blindly into the fatal error of following masculine ideals.
  • To declare an untried scheme impracticable might be an error of rashness.
  • The unrighteous man may see the error of his ways and improve.
  • An error of Nature!
  • Tell him to come and see us, and we will turn him from the error of his ways.
  • But it is a mere error of careless reading, such as we all make daily.
  • I shall try to avoid falling into the error of a one-sided view.

How To Use Error Of In A Sentence?

  • Another error of this system is that it confounds the good itself with one of its applications.
  • The address was an error of judgment but it was made with the best of intentions.
  • It has been the great error of modern intelligence to mistake science for education.
  • But terrestrial nature itself demonstrates to us the error of this way of thinking.
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