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How To Use Escorted In A Sentence?

  • August escorted each of them to the table, though his face did not look altogether cordial.
  • And then he got down from his tiptoes, and escorted grandma to Phronsie, in flushed triumph.
  • Instantly it changed into a beautiful princess, whom La Rose escorted to her delighted parents.
  • Bill and Sam, led by Osceola, were escorted to places in the center of this group.
  • Shortly afterwards the Lord-Lieutenant arrived, escorted by the banderia of half-a-dozen counties.
  • A few moments later the trespassers were escorted through the lines and taken directly to headquarters.
  • Once when some world-known celebrity was escorted up the aisle she leaned over and called his attention to the procession.
  • Outside they were turned over to a second officer, who escorted them to a tent somewhat larger than the rest.
  • Law-abiding people did not care to travel them after nightfall, and when compelled to do so went escorted and armed.
  • Several times on the trip across he had passed them on the deck, always escorted by proud young men.
  • You may rest here for a day or two, if you care to, and you will be escorted to our southern perimeter.
  • My companion escorted me into a low room in the rear of the premises, smelling villainously of foul tobacco and equally foul alcohol.
  • Numbering now nearly four hundred we were escorted through the streets to the notorious Libby prison and halted in front.
  • The climax was reached as a hard driven team and wagon, escorted by four mounted men, precipitated themselves into the picture.
  • Refusing to be escorted or guarded, he made his way to that farm, and walking into the kitchen, rated the lot of them in unmeasured terms.
  • Whole nations had received Christianity, when it was already escorted by that idolatrous train of carved and painted images.
  • British escorts went ahead at full speed into a British port, usually escorted by one or more destroyers.
  • The shopping for the wedding went on betweentimes, and Winn even escorted them to the city and took part in the shopping.
  • The culmination was reached, however, when he escorted her and Leonora to a meeting in a large theatre one afternoon.
  • Molly, feeling immensely happy in spite of her anxious heart, had been escorted to Queen's.
  • Forming themselves in regular file, on either side of us, they escorted us to the lodge, or tent, which was assigned us.
  • The result of this and other incentives to irritability was that the voters for Mr. Dease had to be escorted by troops and constabulary.
  • In a few seconds, Calvert, escorted by a waiter, was shown to his friend's apartment.
  • Care had been taken this time to prevent the possibility of his being fired into by the pickets, and when his visit was over he was escorted by an officer beyond the lines.
  • So Dolly came to England one summer's afternoon, escorted by her faithful knights.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Escorted | Escorted Sentence

  • He escorted me into the storm porch.
  • All escorted the coffin to the gates.
  • Sabatini escorted his guest to the door.
  • Davenant allowed himself to be escorted to the door.
  • Feriz Beg escorted it on horseback.
  • The soldiers escorted the two Hellenes forth.
  • The whole company escorted the victor toward Athens.
  • At that moment Belfort appeared escorted by Moore.
  • Then all three escorted the visitors to an automobile waiting at the curb.
  • They are escorted down the hill to the river, and back to prison.
  • Molly escorted Otoyo to her little room and turned on the light.
  • I escorted Kate down to the street, and handed her into the carriage.
  • Mr. Blunt, still in his riding costume, escorted us to the very door.
  • They were escorted to the palace of the Sedash ruler, Mas-Trephor.
  • As usual, Chester Dawson escorted Edna and went ashore laughing merrily.

Definition of Escorted

With or having an escort. | simple past tense and past participle of escort
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