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  • Shoes are especially important.
  • The chronological gains are especially important.
  • Especially important are: Water and other liquids.
  • Earliness is especially important in countries where the season is short.
  • Two points are especially important from the point of view of this study.
  • Our relations with Germany in this respect are especially important.

How To Use Especially Important In A Sentence?

  • It is especially important that enough short feathers be left to support the wings.
  • This last provision is especially important as it saved the Northwest to freedom.
  • I deem it especially important to have you consider his standing with the people of his State.
  • Prize-giving was an especially important event for the Sixth, who were graduating.
  • If no doctor is available, especially important are actions to: Restore breathing.
  • This is especially important to all who are constitutionally weak or have become disabled through ailings or disease.
  • It is especially important that the teacher should be well acquainted with intellectual philosophy and moral science.
  • Undereating in the evening is especially important for many nervous people and is often the source of wakefulness.
  • The conception of dialectic is especially important in Zeno, Plato, Kant, and Hegel.
  • For this reason it is especially important for the proletariat to bring the controversy of the origin and source of understanding to a close.
  • This requisite is especially important to secure the union of colonies, when it becomes necessary to break up some of the stocks.
  • Those migrations which were directed eastward from Atlantis are especially important for us of today.
  • The current of fresh air is especially important when the room has been, as so many sleeping apartments are, in constant use all day.
  • He put his feet on the rail and proceeded to go through his correspondence, which, though bulky, was not especially important.
  • This was especially important, as it made possible the uniformity of the efficient Bell system of the present day.
  • His transparent honesty and sincerity are winning qualities, and in the opinion of Burke especially important in him who is the ruler of a nation.
  • It is especially important to renew this supply just before the ducklings are fed so that they will have ample water while they are consuming their feed.
  • But especially important news items, and hot topical debates, could catch the attention of the entire Well community.
  • This is especially important in jelly making for another reason also: In overripe fruit the pectin begins to lose its jelly-making quality.
  • The growing of a crop on the heavier types of soil used for ducks is especially important as such soils are more likely to become contaminated from the droppings.
  • A third characteristic may be noted as especially important, though here no doubt we are trenching upon matters upon which there is no such universal agreement.
  • The treatment of whey in cheese factory practice is especially important since the warm whey must be stored for a number of hours before it is returned to the farms.
  • When using any type of drip system it is especially important to relate the amount of water applied to the depth of the soil to the crops, root development.
  • It is therefore especially important to establish contacts between agencies already responsible for developing an art in household management and the leaders among the various foreign-born groups.
  • It is especially important that flannel drawers should be worn during advanced pregnancy, as the loose dress favors the admission of cold air to the unprotected parts of the body.
  • It is especially important, that children have the perspiration and other impurities, which their exercise and sports have occasioned, removed from their skin before going to bed.
  • This is especially important in the starter that is to be added to the cream, since otherwise the starter cannot be uniformly mixed with it and white specks of curdled casein will be noted in the butter.
  • These volumes contain a great deal of extremely curious material, especially important to every man who may in future be employed in the foreign service of our diplomacy.
  • It is important to have a knowledge of the geography of all the lands mentioned, but it is especially important to know the location of the various places referred to in Palestine.
  • It is especially important in relation to the three major experiences, pregnancy, birth, and mating, about which so much resistance has centered in the past.
  • Especially important in the eyes of those who study social development is the transformation that is taking place in the Japanese home because of the influx of Occidental industrialism.
  • In a shelter, it is especially important to be sanitary in the storing, handling and eating of food, so as to avoid digestive upsets or other more serious illness, and to avoid attracting vermin.
  • In our northern States, where the dark winter days and the need of artificial heat make light and ventilation so necessary, these considerations are especially important.
  • It is especially important that the quality of the milk be first class in every respect, and yet customs prevail in the Swiss industry that are directly inimical to the production of good milk.
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