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  • But in origin and essence he holds they are the same.
  • This is the essence of what is called heredity.
  • Its essence was of the things furtive and forbidden.
  • Indeed, there was in the laughter an essence of mischief.
  • Spiritual-mindedness was the very core and essence of his being.
  • The essence is evidently thought to pass below to the waiting inua.
  • That expansiveness which is the essence of the poetic element, they have not.
  • Submission to the one God was to them the essence of religion.
  • We admit, then, that the essence of a virtuous act lies in its nature.
  • The soul, whose essence is thought, is a mere succession of ideas.
  • The Absolute produces all and absorbs all; it is the essence of all things.
  • Science is the essence of Judaism, but the men called Jews understand it not.
  • And nothing was so of the essence as time, in the present Category Military.
  • Bill's broad shoulders lifted, with the essence of nonchalance.

How To Use Essence In A Sentence?

  • What is called the abuse here is the essence and the characteristic of the subject.
  • Fidelity is the very essence of true friendship; and, once broken, it cannot be easily renewed.
  • On the one hand, it is said to be the acme of comfort; on the other, the essence of unrest.
  • Thus to the educated Greeks of the fifth century the old religion had in its essence passed away.
  • In this recumbent form, supremely fair, The essence must I see of heavenly grace?
  • Did he really extract the vials of such exquisite and unprovoked wrath from the essence of infinite goodness itself?
  • The essence of these manoeuvres is that they make it impossible for even the most acute enemy to guess which is our real direction.
  • Order and devotion were the very essence of our socialism, and a splendid collective vigour and happiness its end.
  • And the essence of the not-beautiful is to be separated from and opposed to a certain kind of existence which is termed beautiful.
  • We are accordingly brought before the problem of how this one substance or essence stands to the several entities or hypostases known as faculties.
  • The beauty which was the essence of it, which justifies it so far as it will bear justification, eludes statement.
  • She was the essence of kindliness, of sympathy, of loyalty to her friends, but she was determined to a degree.
  • The essence of the raising-cloth is a weft that will provide plenty of nap and yet have sufficient fibre to maintain the strength of the web.
  • When he came to be believed to dwell aloft, his share was burned with fire so that the smell or finer essence of it might ascend to him.
  • In itself it is a scene of peculiar power, charged to overflowing with the essence of the Scandinavian legends.
  • They may contain a nucleus or they may not, but the essence of the cell is the protoplasm, this alone having the fundamental activities of life.
  • By means of vegetation, it is conveyed into animal frames, in which its purest essence centres in the brain....
  • The essence of the story is, of course, that the taboo is broken, and in most cases the mortal husband loses his supernatural mate.
  • The main reason is, says he, because we imagine that the essence of virtue and vice consists, not in their nature, but in their origin and cause.
  • Wallenstein proved inconsolable, until Denby, coming ashore, confessed to the dose of essence of mustard.
  • But the essence of them all is to get the patient out of the general frame and system of ideas and perceptions in which his ordinary individuality is encased.
  • That is its legitimate function: No person has touched the essence of the Law who has not passed through these awful experiences.
  • In polytheisms of long standing all these attributes and functions have been combined and reallotted, and the result we see in that confusion which is of the very essence of myth.
  • But these are the fundamental ones; and if we can reduce them to an intelligible explanation, we may feel that we have really grasped the essence of life.
  • In my later teens my stomach began seriously to complain over its tasks, and a pint of the essence of bitterness was procured to restore it to power.
  • Under the rectifying process, it becomes colourless as water, and is found to differ from the essence of turpentine extracted from the stem of the same tree.

Definition of Essence

The inherent nature of a thing or idea. | (philosophy) The true nature of anything, not accidental or illusory. | Constituent substance.
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