Establish in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Establish

1. Nor do they establish this point. 🔊

2. How many coincidences are required to establish a law of connection? 🔊

3. Some have come, intending to establish themselves and to be married here. 🔊

4. Cawnpore, proposal to establish a Technological College at, 267. 🔊

How to use Establish in Sentences?

1. These, then, are the steps necessary to establish the atomic weight of an element. 🔊

2. I have done quite enough to establish my name in the army, and as much as one man can do. 🔊

3. To establish his position, he relies upon two arguments, which we shall proceed to examine. 🔊

4. And at a stroke he would establish this habitation and wipe out the blackest spot in the Jago. 🔊

5. An attempt is thus made to establish the Ethics of Atheism on the ruins of Religion. 🔊

6. He desired to establish himself there, where Disert-Patrick is, and Lec-Patrick. 🔊

7. The cooperators were asked to establish small experimental forest plantings with the trees furnished them. 🔊

8. Of course you don't know the two witnesses either who could establish your innocence? 🔊

9. If they wanted their boats protected it was up to them to do it, establish a shore police patrol financed by themselves. 🔊

10. The woman who has reared him has the papers that establish his legitimacy; they are in a red morocco pocket-book. 🔊

11. The primary purpose was to establish a full and exact list of all subscriptions, with notation especially of delinquencies. 🔊

12. Thus, in their zeal to establish their own peculiar dogmas, they place themselves and their cause in the power of the infidel. 🔊

13. In this manner these great legislators complete their plan of levelling, and establish their rights of men on a sure foundation. 🔊

14. The latter is the principal presidio of the Spaniards, where we are beginning to establish a college. 🔊

15. But religion does not merely establish and sanction morality; it also frees it from a certain narrowness it always has, as of the earth. 🔊

16. Yet, though unable properly to establish themselves, they formed squares, and roughly repelled the enemy. 🔊

17. It would be difficult, we think, to establish the truth of either of these positions by evidence that could be satisfactory to any reflecting mind. 🔊

18. That if the people of that country chose to establish a republic it was all well; France would make no objection. 🔊

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