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  • Richard has no more hold on our estates than my groom has.
  • Your estates would be confiscated.
  • The other cathedral estates were similarly treated.
  • The great estates are absorbing the small freeholds.
  • The English go to their estates for grandeur.
  • The Estates of the Realm have already assembled.
  • The estates Cardinal stood up and so did Boyce.
  • Neither is it so in the case of several estates which might be quoted.
  • Great estates are not sinecures, if they are to be kept great.
  • The tenants of the church estates found the friars easy landlords.
  • In the country, the size of private estates is more impressive.
  • The French live at court, and exile themselves to their estates for economy.

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  • The serving-brethren were also set over the various farms and estates of the order.
  • It implies in Persia the possession of landed estates and some magisterial power.
  • This constitution by Estates was the natural and only just representation of France.
  • The income from this small property was supplemented by hiring out as laborers on the large estates near by.
  • It is the custom on most estates employing this practice to have all cups receive special attention at regular intervals.
  • On some estates coolies are allowed to take them to their quarters, where they are used for various purposes.
  • A few estates in this country still continue to tap trees by means of two superimposed cuts on a quarter of the tree.
  • The system of government was inexpensive, and the religious establishment was mainly supported by the landed estates of the orders.
  • As a general rule it is noted that premature coagulation is less marked on estates situated on comparatively hilly land.
  • On some estates fairly successful attempts were made to keep these cups clean by making the coolies bring them into the store each day.
  • On a few estates the percentage of first-grade rubber obtained sometimes reaches 85, but these results are rather out of the ordinary.
  • Some years ago it was quite common to find green cover-plants employed on estates with the primary idea of minimising weeding costs.
  • They were nigh upon the best estates at each place, and they have ever since been the possessions of men of the lineage of Skuli.
  • You play with jackstraws, balls, bowls, horse and gun, estates and politics; but there are finer games before you.
  • The joy of the Gregorics soon turned to bitterness, for they could not manage to find out where the Bohemian estates were.
  • On some estates it has been the custom to give equal quantities of sodium sulphite solution to all coolies irrespective of the ages of the trees in the fields to be tapped.
  • His estates and titles were inherited by his son John Johnson, who was also promoted to the rank of major-general in the army.
  • For the estates were strictly entailed; and Uncle George had nursed them into something like treble their value when he succeeded to the property.
  • Eight years is not regarded as extravagant, while with older bark on some estates periods of ten and twelve years have to be allowed for full renewal.
  • Teleki, ascribing this silence to indignation against Beldi, very confidently arose, and bade the Estates give their votes.
  • So considerable is this question of personal favour that even on estates where a standard pattern of knife is issued coolies often modify that knife slightly on their own accord.
  • On some estates the practice of clean weeding is undertaken in combination with a system of silt-retention, which depends upon the development and maintenance of ridges.
  • The history of constitutions is the history of the growth of these estates, of the legal relationships of individuals to them, and of these estates to one another and to their centre.
  • Probably, on the majority of estates bark-shavings are collected systematically, but on quite a number considerable laxity in this respect has been noted.
  • Another ancient family owning considerable estates in the parish were the Sparnons, of Sparnon and Pengelly.
  • Soon Boyce and the estates Cardinal arrived at the same window and the cardinal asked Boyce to look to the far side of the valley.
  • In 1799 Cotta entered on his political career, being sent to Paris by the Wurttemberg estates as their representative.
  • In other cases, gentlemen by birth conducted the business, or else the administration of several estates was consolidated and carried on from one office.

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plural of estate
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