Esteeming In A Sentence

Definition of Esteeming

present participle of esteem

How To Use Esteeming In A Sentence?

  • Many others who speak to me have represented their desire of living without so much encumbrance, esteeming it as thoroughly intolerable.
  • Yet the differences of opinion between the two servants of God never prevented them from esteeming each other highly.
  • What greater proof could we have of these people esteeming us as friends, than their wishing to remember us, even beyond the period of our lives?
  • They could hardly help esteeming him, for he seemed never to have a thought of himself; all was for the Queen and for her people.
  • The Purrah itself is solicitous to diffuse this notion as much as possible, esteeming it a good mean for increasing its power and influence.
  • But for disobedience and for lightly esteeming the great teaching your soul was imprisoned in the Eastern Land.
  • To the Church of Christ he cheerfully contributed to the extent of his ability, esteeming it one of his highest privileges.
  • Still later, esteeming it advisable for the royal treasury, the offices of master of arts and theology were suspended, and only that of master of grammar is preserved.

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