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  • But there was no Estella.
  • This concerned Estella.
  • Each time he saw Estella and found himself loving her more and more.
  • Estella B. Leopold (W); 24Apr61; R274923.
  • It was an end to all his dreams of Miss Havisham and of Estella.
  • So Estella had grown up in the dismal house, Miss Havisham's only companion.
  • LEOPOLD, ESTELLA B. Game management.
  • LITTLE ESTELLA And Other Fairy Tales.
  • Estella vers le point
  • Estella Shickluna (A);
  • Rua de Manoel Gomes Estella, 2-B

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  • But Estella was so pretty that from the first moment he saw her he had no eyes for anything else.
  • Pip went home in very bad humor on account of all the hurts which Estella had given his feelings.
  • He felt now that he was again poor and without prospects, and with small hope of winning Estella.
  • Pip might have fallen in love with Biddy if he had not had Estella always in his mind.
  • He entered the weed-grown garden, and there on a bench, a sad, beautiful widow, sat Estella.
  • It was, as a matter of fact, Mr. Jaggers, her lawyer, who had sent Estella to her as a baby.
  • Once a year, on his birthday, Pip went to see Miss Havisham, but he never saw Estella there.
  • He told her how he loved Estella, and that he wanted more than anything else in the world to be a gentleman.
  • He put up at the Estella Hotel with his secretary, and began the outdoor life which he said, with truth, suited him so well.
  • Miss Havisham was in her room, dressed in the same worn wedding dress, and beside her, with diamonds on her neck and hair, sat Estella.
  • After that he had no need to leave the city to see Estella, for Miss Havisham soon sent her to live in London.
  • When Estella let Pip out of the gate that day he guessed that she had seen the encounter and that somehow it had pleased her, for she gave him her cheek to kiss.
  • As Pip reminded her of the wreck she had made of him, through Estella, and through allowing him falsely to believe her his benefactor, his agony struck her with remorse.
  • Miss Estella Kuenzel, a lady of twenty-two years, of acutest, finest sensibilities, born to live in June and not in March, lost her mental health to a degree that death became the final object of desire.
  • The River St. Juan forms the outlet of both into the Atlantic Ocean, and is, according to Estella, navigable throughout its course for ships of large burden.
  • Though he had no idea of it, he was intended only as practice for little Estella, who under Miss Havisham's teaching was growing up very fond of admiration and very cold-hearted, too.
  • Notwithstanding her delicate condition, Juana was soon in the thick of the fray, as she hastened to the town of Estella, which had been threatened, fortified the place, and defended it effectually from all the attacks made upon it by the hostile forces.
  • And he jumped next to another conclusion even more splendid--that she intended him sometime to marry Estella and was even then educating her for him.
  • Before he left, Miss Havisham asked him eagerly if Estella was not more lovely, and, as he sat by her alone, she drew his head close to her lips and whispered fiercely: "Love her, love her, love her!
  • An eccentric woman once disappointed in love Estella
  • Miss Havisham had named the child Estella, and, seeing she would be a very beautiful woman, had determined to bring her up heartless and cold, to ruin as many men's lives as possible, so as to avenge her own wrongs and broken heart.
  • And then Pip knew for certain that Miss Havisham's bitter teaching had borne its fruit at last, and that Estella was to marry this man, not because she loved him, but merely as a final stab to all the other worthier ones.
  • But now the plague is widespread; the insurgents violating the promise made to the gallant Marquis of Estella, and at the call of a secret signal, have scattered themselves over the central provinces, and by means of cruelty and terrorism have succeeded in enrolling in their ranks a great number of natives who after the submission at Biac-na-Bato gave pledges of fidelity to Spain.
  • With the exception of the side furthest from the mountains, which consisted of pasture land, the base and skirts of this hill were covered with oak and chestnut, and upon the clearing on its summit stood a shepherd's hut, whence was commanded a view of a considerable extent of the face of the sierra, as well as of the entrance of a neighbouring pass that led out of the valley in the direction of Estella.
  • The Youth of Sarrio" published in its next number the following laconic but venomous paragraph: "His excellency, the Senor Duke of Tornos, who was the guest of Don Rosendo Belinchon, has moved to the first floor apartments of the Estella Hotel.
  • Magwitch and Joe Gargery, Jaggers and Wemmick, Pip and Herbert, Wopsle, Pumblechook, and "the Aged," Miss Havisham, Estella, and Biddy, are personages which the most assiduous readers of Dickens must pronounce positive additions to the characters his rich and various genius had already created.
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