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  • He estimated that before it was through he had inflicted approximately thirty casualties.
  • Only then can the need of the family be estimated with any degree of exactness.
  • It is about fourteen feet thick, and the estimated weight is fifteen hundred tons.
  • It is no simple, no superficial thing, nor to be estimated by superficial understandings.
  • It is estimated that our rivers carry out to sea one billion tons of our richest soil each year.
  • Frank estimated time and distance and set the launch on a swift, diagonal course.
  • This sum was thought large, being estimated as equal to 16,400 francs at present.
  • It was then estimated that at the end of 1912, ~344~ aeroplanes would be available for service.
  • He must have estimated him a promising person, but, from another point of view, not dangerous.
  • On the other hand, several have been destroyed: the number has been variously estimated from two to six.
  • Such wide variations in the estimated size of home range may result from the use of different methods and from insufficient data.
  • Cottontails observed foraging were estimated to utilize 10 to 20 per cent of the home range area in one evening.
  • The number of Frenchmen working for export or living by their foreign trade, is estimated at three millions.
  • It is also estimated that there is now running idly over dams, falls, and rapids 30,000,000 horse-power of energy.
  • It is estimated that the amount thus used in India exclusive of the consumption of mills is equivalent to about 400,000 bales.
  • The Christian population is estimated at 5000, and its wealth and energy give it greater importance than its numbers warrant.
  • Close to the fence outside there were three camps of Confederates, variously estimated to contain from seven hundred to two thousand in all.
  • The province of Zaria alone is estimated to produce annually 30,000 to 40,000 bales, all of which is used locally.
  • It is estimated that the loss by fire is as great as the entire amount cut for use in the entire United States.
  • The expense of fitting out the four squadrons is estimated by Mr. Sabine at three millions and a half.
  • We may add here, that the aggregate produce of the substance of the different Swansea works may be estimated at about 260,000 tons a year.
  • O'Brien's maliciously humorous eyes watched her expression of smiling self-satisfaction, and estimated it at its true worth.
  • Around it, in other cases likewise undisturbed since a period estimated at fifty thousand years ago, were a number of Earthly artifacts.
  • Approximately L880,000 was spent in aviation during 1912, and L1,000,000 was estimated for future years.
  • Many years later the new Julfa was a place with twenty-four churches, great prosperity, and an estimated population of 40,000.
  • Taking into account all these factors, it is estimated that the entire supply now known to exist would be exhausted before the middle of the present century.
  • The forces of the French have been estimated at forty thousand, those of the Imperial general did not much exceed one-half that number.
  • Their loss had been six hundred and sixty-four, of all ranks, killed and wounded; while the French loss was estimated at about double that number.
  • New discoveries are always probable and many new mines are opened up each year, but their value can only be estimated as the work in them progresses.
  • His was a tall, slender, well-knit figure, and Grief, studying him, estimated his character from his face.
  • The entire loss of the Richard is estimated by Cooper at one hundred and fifty, nearly one-half of all the men she had engaged.
  • Yet in philosophic science, which is systematised knowledge, all facts strictly so described will find their place and be estimated at their proper value.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Estimated | Estimated Sentence

  • Actual, estimated at 93 miles.
  • I estimated the weight at from 2 to 5 or 6 ounces.
  • The cost is estimated at L59,000.
  • The estimated need ran to L30,000.
  • I estimated the number of persons assembled here at about seventy thousand.
  • The population is variously estimated at from 60,000 to 160,000 souls.
  • The estimated area of the Mastung district is two hundred and eighty miles.
  • It is estimated that aluminium composes about 8% of the earth's crust.

Definition of Estimated

simple past tense and past participle of estimate
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