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  • The possibilities of estrangement were incalculable.
  • No one knew of the estrangement between them.
  • Their estrangement seemed complete.
  • But for the girls the estrangement was over and done with.
  • And the estrangement between us dates from that time.
  • In this estrangement she found momentary relief.
  • A certain estrangement took them homeward.
  • It is disagreeable to think of the estrangement between and his family.
  • Both were lost in the dull estrangement of that troubled mood.
  • The deep estrangement between the sections was imperfectly realized.
  • Their personal estrangement and misunderstanding left her unmoved.
  • Thus arose another cause of estrangement between mother and son.
  • Could the misery of their long estrangement ever be forgotten or outlived?
  • The estrangement from his brother still continued; she had gathered that.
  • The estrangement resulted in the retirement of Kile from the service.
  • Almost inevitably it would mean a complete estrangement from the Durwards.
  • May our temporary estrangement be forever effaced by the portrait I now send.
  • If sin is estrangement from God, this very estrangement is Death.

How To Use Estrangement In A Sentence?

  • Yet in the estrangement was an intimacy deeper than that of the merely blissful state.
  • There was no bitterness between the friends, no semblance of an estrangement of any sort.
  • Their estrangement was too complete to be bridged even by words when avoidance was possible.
  • And lo, the forces of estrangement and disorder perpetually postponed a decisive contest.
  • Hal Rutherford was too close to her not to feel the estrangement of her spirit.
  • If the fault of the estrangement lies with us, the burden of confession should rest upon us also.
  • They walked on, side by side, the estrangement cutting deep between their new-won nearness.
  • If Hester had been living I would have braved her wrath and her estrangement and gone to him.
  • When now they had most need of each other, their estrangement was becoming more apparent and decided.
  • The knowledge that she has grown very thin during their estrangement goes to his heart like a knife.
  • He was beginning to have an uneasy feeling that if he had held himself a little less stiffly no estrangement need have occurred.
  • It looked as if the estrangement had affected both families by this time, though on the surface they maintained relations.
  • She stopped short of revealing the estrangement of her family, but dwelt upon her years at university.
  • Such was the position of affairs, when an incident occurred which produced a total estrangement between the two ladies.
  • If there was no positive estrangement between them, there was a great discrepancy of tastes, and probably very little intercourse.
  • The first, indeed the only, danger of estrangement that ever came between the brother and sister grew out of this.
  • Were the feelings of shame, and the sense of estrangement in the presence of one who loved them, the most tragic effect of their sin?
  • He despaired of her; yet he loved her so deeply that their estrangement was, beyond all words, terrible to him.
  • The estrangement was inevitable; but both cherished the warmest feelings of affection, even though such a friendship had been broken.
  • Schindler states that the more immediate cause of this estrangement was Breuning having tried to dissuade him from adopting his nephew.
  • Shortly after Lato's estrangement from his wife his little son died of the croup.
  • This is the real cause of enmity, hatred and bloodshed in the world; the reason of alienation and estrangement among mankind.

Definition of Estrangement

The act of estranging; the act of alienating; alienation. | The state of being alien; foreign, non-native.
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