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  • The ethical value is not the only value of the contests.
  • His ethical gospel is not devoid of grandeur.
  • There yet remains the ethical argument for peace.
  • The Socratic teaching is essentially ethical in character.
  • The ethical substance is AA.
  • The Social and Ethical Basis of the Sabbath Law.
  • The ethical element in religion is subordinated to intellectual belief.
  • A number of the ethical maxims of Democritus have come down to us.
  • The Pythagorean ethical views were rigorous and ascetic in character.

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  • Warfare is becoming more and more inconsistent with the ethical spirit of the times.
  • At this rate, the state rests on the ethical sentiment, and that on the religious.
  • The poems are indexed under such ethical subjects as courage, humility, etc.
  • The finite, from which the start is now made, is the real ethical self-consciousness.
  • The ethical system of Plato appears to be a strict deduction from his physical.
  • It is again a case of "Puppensuenden" being expanded till they seem ethical monstrosities.
  • Of course, Bob knew that, as an abstract ethical principle, it is wrong to fight.
  • But the Arya-Samaj has not been content to assert the ethical perfection of the Vedas.
  • Much more justified than such ethical objections are the fears which move entirely in the causal sphere.
  • There are the strongest ethical and religious reasons for refusing to accept this unproved and unprovable dogma.
  • They never proclaimed that organized slaughter was a sane method of settling international disputes or ethical questions.
  • Or it is the bare skeleton which is to be clothed upon by the softer and fuller outlines of the social tissues and the ethical organs.
  • Surely ethical questions are as well worthy of investigation as purely physical or mechanical ones, and yet we ignore them most ignominiously.
  • People whose ethical standards would not permit them to listen at, or peep through, a keyhole, often engage in this telephonic eavesdropping.
  • Dean Brown once said to the writer that there is a great deal of pietism that is utterly wanting in ethical quality, and that is true.
  • One of the crying sins of to-day is that professions of righteous living in accordance with Christian ethical ideals are not taken seriously.
  • Nevertheless the ethical teaching of Socrates was founded upon a theory of knowledge, which is quite simple, but extremely important.
  • And it is clearly something great and good, something valuable, and already possessing, by implication we may say, an ethical character.
  • It was but the "medicine-dance" of a very old Greek tribal settlement, perhaps from the first with an ethical element.
  • In the first place, if religion is to become powerfully effective in this direction, it must take a really ethical view of God.
  • Here Man first shows his superiority to nature, or enters on his properly ethical function, by transforming the physical world into his possession.
  • Socrates openly deprecated such speculations and considered all such knowledge comparatively worthless as against ethical knowledge, the knowledge of man.
  • It probably did not occur to Lucretius and Vergil to ask whether this new philosophy encouraged a higher or a lower ethical standard.
  • The ethical mandarin, Kautsky, ought to take these circumstances into account, and accuse our forefathers, not us.
  • But from such a causal point of view, we should not underestimate the manifold good which can come from the causal effect of religious and ethical ideas.
  • With its ethical and religious implications he had not concerned himself; and so it was not permitted in his later days to interfere with a deep respect for the essentials of religion.
  • But they were all part of the formulated necessities of business which largely decreed that the exercise of humane and ethical considerations was incompatible with the zealous pursuit of wealth.
  • There is a clear statement of the value to the child of the type of story which specifically teaches a certain ethical lesson and also the kind of story that has no moral to offer.
  • In the second place, in our religious efforts at world-organization we must entertain and put in practice a far more ethical conception of man than we have in the past.
  • The fundamental ethical act is appropriation by labour, and the first ethical world is the creation of an economic system, the institution of property.
  • Now most of the conflict between narrowness and breadth of sympathy to which religion gives rise is due to wrong conceptions of the ethical nature of God.

Definition of Ethical

(philosophy, not comparable) Of or relating to the study of ethics. | (not comparable) Of or relating to the accepted principles of right and wrong, especially those of some organization or profession. | (comparable) Morally approvable; good.
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