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  • Race and ethnic relations.
  • This is the teaching of ethnic conceptions on the subject.
  • Immortality in the ethnic religions, 242.
  • But the ethnic clue thus afforded is exceedingly vague.
  • Likewise the difficulty of reorganizing Europe on a truly ethnic basis.
  • In two passages, it is true, "Hivite" seems to be used with an ethnic meaning.

How To Use Ethnic In A Sentence?

  • The former country has ever been subject to periodic ethnic disturbances and changes.
  • The ethnic character of the Median people is at the present day scarcely a matter of doubt.
  • Ordinarily they have been studied in their historical development according to their geographical distribution or ethnic character.
  • The great antagonistic facts touch each other through a long line of territorial extent, but the ethnic diversity does not permit political union.
  • Men have had plenty of trouble with other ethnic groups of their own species, through prejudice, misunderstanding, honest suspicion.
  • Confining ourselves to ethnology and history, the causative idea, as I have said, makes itself felt through ethnic ideals.
  • His country was of too recent an origin for mystery, and its people too heterogeneous in their ethnic characteristics to furnish a soil for tribal instincts and passions.
  • These are also two personal traits which, it seems to me, are requisite to the comprehension of ethnic psychology, and therefore are desirable to both the ethnologist and the historian.

Definition of Ethnic

Of or relating to a group of people having common racial, national, religious or cultural origins. | Belonging to a foreign culture. | Representative of a folk or traditional mode of expression.

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