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  • What would you give to be at Eton now?
  • They were both at Eton with me, and both in the regiment.
  • The Eton cheering became frantic.
  • The Eton cheers are becoming exasperating.
  • A pleasant row it is for the Eton youngsters to this spot.
  • The Eton fast bowler was seen to smile.
  • The Eton captain had nearly all his men on the off side.
  • The Eton captain walks slowly towards the pavilion.
  • Is the Eton bowler trying to kill or maim his antagonist?
  • One of the men, too, wore an Eton tie.
  • But how could they send him to Eton or Harrow?
  • Look at the traditional rivalry between Eton and Harrow.
  • As to keeping Trevor at Eton that was becoming impossible.
  • But what Eton loses, Sedleigh gains.
  • The Eton and Harrow match ended in another draw.
  • The Eton Eleven walked towards the wicket, loudly cheered.
  • Late, Provost of Eton Colledg.
  • They sat down and watched the Eton captain placing his field.
  • It was absurd to say that Waterloo was won on Eton cricket-fields.
  • I received my education at Eton and at Cambridge University.
  • And now, before Eton goes in, we must climb on to the Trent coach.
  • JOHNSON, W., Esq., Eton College, Windsor.

How To Use Eton In A Sentence?

  • She is playing with her sister and her little cousins in the sunny Eton nurseries.
  • From his Eton days, he used to enter into controversies by letter with learned divines.
  • The other bowlers, however, being not so successful, Eton accumulated a hundred runs.
  • Never before in an Eton and Harrow match have two balls been hit over the ropes in succession.
  • He was Provost of Eton from 1624 until his death, and distinguished himself as a diplomatist.
  • Never before in an Eton and Harrow match have two balls been hit over the ropes in succession.
  • I was in love with the eldest myself, but I was only a boy at Eton and she was twenty-four.
  • At Eton I used to have to field out at the nets till the soles of my boots wore through.
  • It looked as if Harrow would have to bat upon a treacherous wicket, and Eton on a sound one.
  • He had been three years in the House, but had still the air of an Eton "swell" in his last half.
  • However, he must rub up all his old Eton books this 'long,' and get old Hanmer to lay it on thick.
  • At Harrow and Eton one is licked into shape for the big things: diplomacy, politics, the Services.
  • Robert Bridges was born in 1844 and educated at Eton and Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
  • No balls came his way; for the Eton captain had made up his mind to win this match with singles and twos.
  • He had rowed for one year in the Eton eight, and wore with great satisfaction a flannel coat of light blue.
  • Irtha heth hjara blod dronken, mith that blod fode hju fruechda and nochta, and alle tham ther of eton wrdon wis.
  • The Eton captain, hopeful against odds, puts on a cunning and cool dealer in "lobs.
  • One afternoon he had been bathing with some of the Eton boys, and, on returning to dress himself, found that they had left him alone.
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