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  • It has been said that eugenics is futile because it cannot define its end.
  • It is here that the ideals of Eugenics may be expected to work fruitfully.

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  • The only compulsion we can apply in eugenics is the compulsion that comes from within.
  • That is why the question of Eugenics is to a great extent one with the woman question.
  • We may, therefore, quite put aside all discussion of eugenics as a sort of higher cattle-breeding.
  • But, indeed, when we became lovers there was small thought of Eugenics between us.
  • A good example is the language of writers like Mr. Chesterton about eugenics and population.
  • If there is to be any improvement in human nature itself we must look to the infant science of eugenics to help us.
  • This crucial role of the doctor in eugenics is one of the few really deeply encouraging signs of our times.
  • Thus it has become a prime tenet of eugenics that babies must not be conceived under conditions of excessive mental worry or strain.
  • A plain study of eugenics, non-technical and helpful; includes a chapter on eugenics and religion.
  • Human eugenics need not be, and is not likely to be, a cold-blooded selection of partners by some outside scientific authority.
  • The cause of Eugenics has sometimes been prejudiced in the public mind by a comparison with the artificial breeding of domestic animals.
  • Until the sciences of human genetics and eugenics have made more progress, the safest way to judge in such matters is by the qualities of a family as a whole.
  • The infant science of eugenics will have much to say on this subject hereafter; at present we are only discovering how complex and obscure the laws of heredity are.
  • But Bateson proceeds to point out that our knowledge is still very inadequate, and he is opposed to eugenics by Act of Parliament.
  • And so it was the Endowment of Motherhood as a practical form of Eugenics got into English politics.
  • If eugenics means anything, and if the women are what they claim, much will be accomplished by each doing her part intelligently, and by each community standing upon its own record.
  • Statistics of eugenics and proofs that war ruins business will not yet cure us of our habit of war, and not at all so long as there is a vacancy in life which only the dramatic experiences of war can fill.
  • Not only may we save the race of man, but we may lead it up upon a higher plane; we may apply the principles of eugenics as they have never yet been applied.
  • Even among savages eugenics may be said to exist, if only in the crude and unscientific practice of destroying feeble, deformed, and abnormal infants at birth.

Definition of Eugenics

(sociology, biology) A social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary qualities through selective breeding, either by encouraging people with good genetic qualities to reproduce (positive eugenics), or discouraging people with bad genetic qualities from reproducing (negative eugenics), or by technological means. | (biology) The science of improving stock, whether human or animal.
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