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How To Use Eurasia In A Sentence?

  • We may reasonably assume, however, that the life is there practically the same as in the waters of similar depth to the north of Eurasia.
  • A similar decrease in mammalian species common to America and Eurasia has previously been referred to, and the same explanation applies in each case, namely, the near approach of the land areas of the Old and the New World at the north, and the actual union of the two continents in late geological time.
  • The relationship expressed in this classification of both the living and extinct mammalia of North America to that of Eurasia, is supposed to be due to a former land connection between the Old and the New World at Bering Strait, and is most clearly marked by northern species, the intercontinental bridge being too far north to be available for southern forms.
  • Eurasia is in some sense an exception, but all the southern terminations of the continents advance into the sea in the form of a wedge--South America, South Africa, Arabia, India, Malaysia and Australia connected by a submarine platform with Tasmania.
  • It is certain, however, that at various times, both early and late in the evolution of the subfamily, representatives have crossed from Eurasia to North America or _vice versa_.

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