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How To Use Evanescent In A Sentence?

  • What seemed eternal has passed away, and what appeared to be evanescent has assumed stability.
  • The rainbow's evanescent glory; Heaven's light that breaks on mists of earth!
  • The evanescent pleasures are not character builders, but a created thought is a pregnant possibility.
  • In those nearly forgotten days the mind of man and woman had been no more than an evanescent succession of monstrous and infantile imaginations.
  • The wheels revolved lazily and then she was off, dragging a luminous wake of myriads of evanescent diamonds.
  • Again: the influence of surprise in producing the delight, is to be noted as a suspicious or evanescent element in it.
  • A rhyme to the eye is a sorry thing at best, and it is sorriest when it depends on an inaccurate and evanescent orthography.
  • This phrase contains the rationale of the restless flow and the evanescent being of the Hegelian world.
  • What, then, would it avail the reader to know their names or the 10 evanescent symbols of their martial rank!
  • Spirituality does not light it; evanescent dreams: are its oil-lamps, often with wick askant in the socket.
  • What, then, would it avail the reader to know their names, or the evanescent symbols of their martial rank!
  • I have traced out with care in the subdued tone that surrounds her, the evanescent lines of her throat, so fragile and inclined so modestly.
  • And because it is spiritual, not objective, the most beautiful, if the most evanescent of all earthly things, is colour.
  • These evanescent bits of glory lent special delight to aerial journeyings for weeks after Christmas.
  • If he had the wisdom of Solomon he might also have his discursive fancies, his various and evanescent attachments.
  • Translation of poetry must, at the best, resemble the process of pouring a highly volatile and evanescent spirit from one receptacle into another.
  • But alas, for the fatality of human joys, all is evanescent in this world of ours; the moment of parting at last came for the lovers.
  • I saw the shrug and the sudden turn of the shoulders, the curl of the lip, the evanescent flash of the eyes....
  • The acuteness, character of the lesions, their evanescent nature, the irregular or general distribution, and the intense itching.
  • As soon as the evanescent pleasure of Sunday clothes has passed, for those for whom it existed at all, the children settle down to endure the day.
  • A rainbow was spanning the Upper Falls, and its brilliant, evanescent promise seemed to reflect in the face above.
  • Sermons," said Jowett, "though they deal with eternal subjects, are the most evanescent form of literature.
  • We cannot spoon out the sparkles of sunshine as they shimmer on the wavelets of water; but they are there, moving in all their golden life and evanescent grace.
  • Perhaps if you were to be separated for a time, and mixed in society, you would find them more evanescent than you are at present disposed to believe possible.
  • Why should he trouble himself about one of the millions of women, evanescent as butterflies, with which the earth continually replenished its swarms of men?
  • She seemed to be speeding past herself and her own anxieties, which suddenly appeared as petty and evanescent as the flying telegraph-poles along the track.
  • One is written in the rocks, one in bone and muscle, while the third is recorded in the evanescent and changing pages of embryology and metamorphosis.
  • But there is, in this inner life, a pleasure higher and more lasting than those evanescent ones which the world can afford, and which elevates and purifies as they do not.
  • The expression of subtle and evanescent ideas, carried to its perfection, is among the very noblest and most exalted studies with which the human mind can be conversant.
  • We blind ourselves with dust, and in our blindness lay hold feverishly of the outside of life, mistaking the fugitive and evanescent for the truly permanent.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Evanescent | Evanescent Sentence

  • The evanescent tints fade into the gray.
  • The change, however, was as evanescent as it was admirable.
  • She, however, had her evanescent streaks of life, as now.
  • She was so fragile that she seemed but an evanescent part of the moonlight.
  • Yet there is a faint evanescent resemblance between the two poems.
  • There is nothing ephemeral or evanescent in the makeup of their records.
  • Dexter's rage was as evanescent as it was quick.
  • In their airy flutterings they seemed to rest on the evanescent spray.
  • But these nasals Adelung states to be mere evanescent intonations.
  • The evanescent is as nothing before Him Who is the Ever-Abiding.

Definition of Evanescent

Vanishing, disappearing. | Ephemeral, momentary, fleeting. | Barely there; almost imperceptible.
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