Evasive In A Sentence

Definition of Evasive

Tending to avoid speaking openly or making revelations about oneself. | Directed towards avoidance or escape; evasive action.

How To Use Evasive In A Sentence?

  • Here was the epitome of that evasive idealism which preferred shams to realities.
  • After the bombers had dropped their loads they could take some evasive action.
  • The moods of a thinking man in politics are curiously evasive and difficult to describe.
  • She had spoken this way to him before, wafting the subject away with evasive words.
  • I gave an evasive answer, but could not entirely conceal the confusion which overwhelmed me.
  • It is curious that Defoe is rebellious or evasive under any analysis of this kind.
  • We would take evasive action to try to keep the enemy ship from getting behind us.
  • Again she changed colour, and resumed her denials, but with a more restless and evasive aspect.
  • Gracious Heavens, to think that all my future bliss depends on the evasive malice of a pin!
  • The awkward and evasive answers of the stablemen would not have been enough for any other than a man preoccupied by love.
  • He gave them an evasive answer, believing that it was quite as well not to apprise them of the situation.
  • You can answer my questions if you will; and you are not children, that you should make an evasive pretence of ignorance.
  • If her husband embodied the moral purpose, she herself was an incarnation of the evasive idealism of the nineteenth century.
  • This may be gathered from his short and evasive answers, and the importunate entreaties with which he requests his mother to prepare his chamber.
  • When she called and stated she was at liberty, they were evasive and non-committal; the next time she called they were out.
  • He had asked the question occasionally, but his uncle showed a distaste for the subject, and gave evasive replies.
  • The Duke bit his lips when he heard this evasive answer, and saw that he had met his equal in diplomacy.
  • Deputations waited on the King to lay before him the progress of the insurrection, but he still gave evasive and unsatisfactory answers.
  • To other questions he returned curt or evasive answers, and volunteered the opinion that all this slaughter would be avenged at Omdurman.
  • From the first his manner had been evasive almost to mendacity, and, with both Dixie and her mother, he had made a mystery of his past.
  • To the oft-repeated inquiries of members of the alliance for information on this subject his answers have been evasive and entirely unsatisfactory.
  • Ten minutes later in Sagner's cluttered workroom we two men sat and stared through our pipe-smoke into each other's evasive eyes.
  • His evasive answers were enough to fill her with unreasonable hope and to revive the worldly instincts which her terrors had for a moment cast into the background.
  • This made me worse than ever; and after it was over, I pressed my claim very hard on her, but she would still give me a sort of an evasive answer.
  • To Adler's questions as to the manner of the chief engineer's death Bennett had at first given evasive replies.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Evasive | Evasive Sentence

  • Gregory made an evasive answer.
  • Then her evasive speech belied her look.
  • To be too evasive would invite suspicion.
  • To this he returned an evasive answer, declining my offer.
  • John Steele returned an evasive answer.
  • To these questions Kwaneet returned evasive answers.
  • Mr. Gladstone returned evasive answers.
  • Everywhere in Nature man sees evasive woman.
  • Soon I began to regret my evasive answer.
  • Captain Eri gave an evasive answer and turned away.
  • The Soviet Government replied in a slightly evasive form.
  • Those who asked questions received evasive and contradictory answers.
  • Prepare for combat; prepare to take immediate evasive action.
  • To his proposal, the following evasive and offensive answer was returned.
  • But Cosmo and his employees gave evasive replies to all inquiries.

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