Eve In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eve | Eve Sentence

  • They are on the very eve of hatching!
  • When the eve is cool!
  • The eve of coronation.
  • Eternity is the eve of something.
  • He was on the eve of triumph.
  • That liberty was now on the eve of its peril.
  • He was on the eve of an important discovery.
  • We were on the eve of a general fracas.
  • The stars from eve to morning.
  • He had the air of one who is on the eve of a confession.
  • Christmas eve ushered in bitter weather.
  • An eve of singeing was it).
  • This country is really supposed on the eve of a .
  • At eve in a rainbow may glisten.
  • Are we on the eve of another international upheaval?
  • We are upon the eve of a tremendous struggle.
  • Till comes the calm of eve and wraps him from the scene.
  • I never knew an eve so marvellous still.
  • It could laugh even on the eve of battle.
  • The bank was on the eve of suspension in the year 1847.
  • Along the lowered eve he came horribly raking us.
  • The two provinces were soon on the eve of a little war.
  • Christmas Eve had come.
  • Suddenly Eve hurried out.
  • But Eve was not afraid.
  • But Eve had no such endowments.
  • Such was the place to which Eve was led.
  • It was painful for Eve to watch him.
  • Alan and Eve listened to her story.
  • We followed Eve to the cottage.
  • And Christmas eve alone!
  • It was the eve of the twelfth of December.
  • It was the eve of the Easter holidays.
  • And then he saw Eve behind him.
  • Cicely and Eve were sitting on the beach.

How To Use Eve In A Sentence?

  • Adam delves and Eve spins.
  • And took Eve in his arms.
  • It had come to him that Eve was dead.
  • She came to Eve and kissed her.
  • To Eve he was more attractive than ever.

Definition of Eve

The day or night before, usually used for holidays, such as Christmas Eve. | (archaic, poetic) Evening, night. | (figuratively) The period of time when something is just about to happen or to be introduced.
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