Evelyn In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Evelyn | Evelyn Sentence

  • Evelyn was not with her.
  • Evelyn was interested.
  • Evelyn looked at them.
  • Evelyn smiled at him.
  • Evelyn was once more puzzled.
  • Evelyn was very imaginative.
  • Evelyn did not answer this.
  • Evelyn did not answer.
  • Evelyn was struck by the explanation.
  • Evelyn snivelled a little.
  • Evelyn replied no quickly.
  • Evelyn made no objections.
  • Evelyn sank into the chair.
  • Evelyn suggested at last.
  • Evelyn was beyond science.
  • Evelyn sighed with relief.
  • Evelyn dressed herself very early.
  • Evelyn was almost hysterical.
  • Evelyn looked up brightly.
  • Evelyn herself did not go at once to sleep.
  • Evelyn looked at him in surprise.
  • Evelyn harmonized with such things as these.
  • Evelyn asked with a start.
  • Evelyn whispered plaintively.
  • Evelyn stretched out her hand.
  • Evelyn made no response.
  • Evelyn had gone to bed.
  • Evelyn noticed this and smiled.
  • Evelyn looked at her with surprise.
  • Evelyn made no reply.
  • Evelyn remained at home with her.
  • Evelyn flushed hotly.
  • Evelyn noticed only her sternness.
  • Evelyn laughed softly.
  • Evelyn shrugged her shoulders.

How To Use Evelyn In A Sentence?

  • Evelyn shook her head.
  • Evelyn was very fond of ornaments.
  • Evelyn hesitated a moment.
  • Evelyn listened attentively.
  • Evelyn was a little astonished.
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