Even So In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Even So | Even So Sentence

  • Even so it was with him now.
  • Even so with the beast.
  • Even so it is with all our experiences.
  • Even so the other paralysers.
  • Even so are they considered.
  • It proved to be even so.
  • It is even so with our reading.
  • Even so the doctor was dubious.
  • Even so with those living images.
  • It is even so with history.
  • It is even so in mines.
  • Even so it will be in the kingdom time.
  • She found it even so.
  • Even so it is in our intellectual life.
  • It was even so with clothing.
  • My father was not even so dark as me.
  • It would look as if it were even so.
  • Yet even so there was no selfishness in his thought.
  • Even so the shock was no light one.
  • Even so: but she was deceived.
  • Even so did my doubts resolve into that fact.
  • Even so there is a finer thing than justice.
  • And even so with each and every action.
  • But she constantly affirmed that it was even so.
  • Alas, it is even so.
  • Many crews do not do even so much as this.
  • Even so might be the gate of death!
  • Even so, it comes as a blow.
  • Even so does thy spirit plead with all spirits.
  • Even so, their progress was difficult.
  • Even so; always and everywhere.
  • But even so, you are not penniless.
  • Even so, they needed stacking.
  • However, he did not desist even so.
  • Georgie was ever to be found even so at his gate.

How To Use Even So In A Sentence?

  • Even so, it looked deadly.
  • Even so, my place is your place.
  • But even so, it had not maintained itself.
  • He could not even so much as guess at their destination.
  • His feelings extended even so far as remonstrance.

Definition of Even So

In spite of the preceding remark or facts. | (archaic) In exactly such a manner (as said or surmised); of exactly such a nature.
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