Even Then In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Even Then | Even Then Sentence

  • Even then it did not do so.
  • Even then they aged were.
  • Even then your surprises are not over.
  • Even then there was time.
  • Even then the danger was not over.
  • Even then he did not give in.
  • Even then there were some who doubted.
  • Even then they were not satisfied.
  • But even then it was coming.
  • Even then he wondered what was the use?
  • Even then the usurer had not done with him.
  • Even then he would delay.
  • Even then the matter did not end.
  • And even then she is not logical.
  • Even then they could not believe it.
  • Even then they were often grinning.
  • But even then you had a way with you.
  • Even then it is a great responsibility.
  • She had not blenched even then.
  • Even then there were matters to be attended to.
  • Even then it was not quite complete.
  • Even then she does not relinquish her resolve.
  • Even then he was first to enter.
  • I believed in him even then.
  • Even then it fell dead.
  • Even then the distance was too great.
  • Even then they seemed to pinch him.
  • Even then he did not abandon his hat.
  • But even then it was not for long.
  • Even then he waited a little while.
  • I had not seen it even then.
  • But even then he was not satisfied.
  • Even then sight was uncertain.
  • Even then her thoughts were not of self.
  • It was raining even then.

How To Use Even Then In A Sentence?

  • Even then she did not lift her eyes.
  • Even then her heart had answered no.
  • Even then the thought of it was strange.
  • But even then he was not satisfied.
  • Even then some of the hotels had found it out.
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