Even Worse In A Sentence

How To Use Even Worse In A Sentence?

  • He was in an even worse predicament than the party that he was guiding.
  • Even worse was the tendency to leap out before he was quite ready.
  • Their reception was even worse than on the previous occasion.
  • There is something even worse than this and much more serious in effect.
  • But there was still to come even worse than we had yet experienced.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Even Worse | Even Worse Sentence

  • It was even worse in a way.
  • But there is even worse to follow.
  • My hotel is even worse.
  • The other thing is even worse.
  • It may be even worse than that.
  • It was sometimes even worse.
  • They might do even worse than that.
  • This was even worse than he had imagined.
  • There is an even worse result.
  • Yet there was a place of confinement even worse than this.
  • And many more things which were even worse.
  • Matters were even worse when the train stopped.
  • Perhaps there were even worse things than men.
  • It was even worse with the spiritual man.
  • Conditions were even worse during the second war.
  • But the consequences could be even worse.
  • And what we now have is confusion even worse compounded.
  • In the cities the state of affairs is even worse.
  • They must be even worse than people say.
  • Dogs may do even worse than eat raven.
  • No, that sounded even worse.
  • It might well lead to even worse confusion.
  • But since his death his successors may be even worse.
  • Or rather, the case is even worse.
  • The case is even worse if we admit the relativity of time.
  • Even worse was the effect in Virginia.
  • The Mississippi record was even worse.
  • Atrocities even worse than I thought.
  • Jack said even worse than I had said.
  • In Indiana matters appear even worse.
  • Happily his enemy, Christian, was even worse off.
  • In High Germany it was even worse.
  • Peaches and Nectarines are even worse than I had feared.
  • I think it was even worse, though, for Aunt Edith.
  • I am even worse.
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