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  • The latter eventuality is more than possible.
  • Rather than wait for this eventuality the Cabinet tendered its resignation.

How To Use Eventuality In A Sentence?

  • He had speculated on this eventuality not a little during the days of his enforced idleness.
  • The army that he could muster in the eventuality of an invasion did not number at that time more than four thousand six hundred men.
  • I wondered vaguely whether Frank had had that eventuality in mind when he blockaded the door with his own gloomy person.
  • To those in the service of the Nanking regime in 1936, such an eventuality was the one thing certain not to happen.
  • He might, of course, be seen, and in this eventuality Travers relied upon his being known to allay suspicion.
  • It was in view of this eventuality that the slow, plodding work of grafting Kultur on the Bulgar people was undertaken.
  • The authorities guarded against the recurrence of such an eventuality on the present occasion, their most elaborate precaution being the enlistment of dogs to reinforce their sentries.
  • I know also that he has brought hither a vast fortune, by aid of which he is beginning to strengthen our hands for war, in case that sad eventuality should arise.

Definition of Eventuality

A possible event; something that may happen. | (phrenology) An individual's propensity to take notice of events, changes, or facts.
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