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  • Baron, if you ever want to know how ample a thing life can be, become a certified lunatic!
  • My middle name is Something, in case you ever want to call me by my middle name.
  • Give this one a good grinding and it will chop all the wood you'll ever want to cut.
  • Society fears such men; we therefore must not hope that it will ever want an education able to give them to us.
  • The leaden messengers came in much greater profusion and closer proximity to my person than I ever want them again.
  • Her first quick idea of Lawson as not the kind of man that she would ever want to marry still held good.
  • Once he stopped to breathe on the brass binnacle and to rub it bright with the dirtiest red bandana handkerchief I ever want to see.
  • If she should ever want to go back to the old way of getting along, I think she'd tell me so.
  • If she should ever want to go back to the old way of getting along, I think she'd tell me so.
  • She vainly strove to fathom the significance of the words, which she resented, although they had coincided with an instinctive feeling she had that he was not at all the kind of man she would ever want to marry.
  • He was so overjoyed at the vast extent of territory, almost a new world thrown open for exploration, that he did not think it possible he could ever want to go any farther.
  • Ah! if I ever do get back to a good dinner again, there shan't be a poor devil within a mile of me that'll ever want one while I live.
  • Then, soberly, "It's the first time I ever had cramps, and I don't ever want them again!
  • The second morning after, we slipped out of the western rim of the bank and found ourselves in sunshine, and almost on top of as wicked a looking saw-tooth reef as I ever want to see.
  • Mr. Bernstein, that nice French Jew who sits the other side of me at table asked me the other day to let him know if I ever want to sell them.
  • Oh why did I ever want to come to Europe to be killed in Rome, when I could have lived a long life peacefully in Denver!
  • Of course, I may be mistaken, but from my first impressions I doubt if I'll ever want to have much to do with anybody that I've seen.
  • The trial of honesty is this: Did you ever want bread, and had your neighbour's loaf in keeping, and would starve rather than eat it?
  • Why, it seemed to me that I didn't ever want to stop, for that would give me a chance to realize what I had done.
  • If I am ugly nobody will ever want to marry me, and," concluded Sara candidly, "I don't want to be an old maid.
  • She wrote me that she guessed she might as well; so long as she was a medium nobody else would ever want her--or something like that.
  • None of us ever want to see or hear of this commodity again; we were fed on it till most of us loathed it, but as there was nothing else to eat when it was served, we perforce had to eat that or dry bread, and several of us chose the latter.
  • I shall never get again; nor do I ever want to adorn the gallows again, as you can well understand; so I cannot give you back the paper on any account," he said.
  • I didn't think I'd ever want to marry you, though," with a whimsical smile; "it would have seemed too much like inviting a hurricane to one's fireside.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ever Want | Ever Want Sentence

  • Why did they ever want to do it?
  • Do you ever want to see any of them again?
  • Would Sarella ever want to climb?
  • I don't ever want an only child.
  • I don't ever want to spend any money here.
  • I guess you won't ever want to come again.
  • If you ever want me, day or night, you know you have only to send for me.
  • Jill, you didn't ever want to marry a pirate, did you?
  • I've got all I shall ever want to spend, and more, too.
  • Not that Mr. Lindsay" (she blushed again) "would ever want to.
  • Not that she should ever want one like it--whoop!
  • I was as bad as them, and I don't ever want to be like that again!
  • Miss Hyde, don't ever want to see a man cry; it's enough to break one's heart!
  • I ever seen before or ever want to see them again
  • I don't ever want to see you again.'
  • Nobody will ever want him.'
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