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  • Receptions every week.
  • It rained every day for a week.
  • And there seemed every prospect of its catching on.
  • This seems to remove every shade of difficulty.
  • Of course you can rely on me to give it every chance.
  • But we have not yet got rid of every shade of difficulty.
  • Every good man acts upon this principle every day of his life.
  • Then he would be able to pay every one, and have some time to rest and think.
  • They were given to him by the Author of every good and perfect gift.
  • He scanned every horizon--all were barred.
  • I've had it every year since it became the fashion, drat it!
  • Positively, there is no hope,--debts on every side.

How To Use Every In A Sentence?

  • This would be for the good of each and every individual moral agent in the universe.
  • It is not very hot when you start, but every mile you travel you find it growing hotter.
  • The exertion of the long ascent in the steaming heat requires six coolies for every chair.
  • In every system, whether of nature or of art, there must be a variety and subordination of parts.
  • But in his simple, wholesome mind there was no bent towards suicide; and he scanned every horizon.
  • These questions, we think, we may safely submit to the impartial decision of every unbiassed mind.
  • Isn't it stupid to have to call up Tatten every time one wants a tray in one's room?
  • But in every such instance he confounds the will with one of the passive susceptibilities of the mind.
  • We admit that the virtuousness of every virtuous act lies, not in its origin or cause, but in itself.
  • At every point of any importance along the line of our advance, this or a similar cavalcade would come hurrying up.
  • The other girl turned and walked into the room, selecting an easy chair and seating herself with every appearance of meaning to stay.
  • Every act of self-denial, and every infliction of parental discipline, are proofs of the justness of this remark.
  • Let us remember, that the sin of not even every unwarrantable innovation, is exclusively imputable to the innovator himself.
  • But every time any one went outside the jong from his quarters, he had to go down this slimy black artery and return the same way.
  • He there says, that the virtuousness of every virtuous act or choice depends upon its own nature, and not upon its origin or cause.
  • The object is, no doubt, a most laudable one; but every laudable object is not always promoted by wise means.
  • He was working at his play every evening, waiting for Rose's footsteps on the stairs.
  • We admit that every passive impression is caused; but the question is, Can the mind be caused to act?
  • According to his definition of motive, as the younger Edwards truly says, it includes every cause and condition of volition.
  • Are not the perfect holiness and happiness of each and every part of the moral world better for each and every part thereof than are their contraries?
  • He walked as lightly as possible, dreading that every creak would bring Mrs. Wilson from her parlour.
  • Such are some of the consequences which necessarily flow from the principle, that holiness may be caused to exist in the breast of every moral agent.
  • Here we come to a question," says he, "which has engaged the attention, and exercised the ingenuity, and perplexed the wits of men in every age.
  • Malay children, themselves unadorned, stand on wayside platforms, every brown hand filled with the rosy chalices of the sacred Buddhist emblem.
  • There is no controversy on these points; it is universally agreed that every state of the intelligence and of the sensibility is necessarily determined by the evidence and the object in view of the mind.
  • But because he could not solve this difficulty, must he therefore embrace, or at least cease to object against every absurdity which may be propounded to him?
  • But the circumstance which this flowery poet deems an imperfection in the mathematics, every enlightened friend of free-agency will regard as their chief excellency and glory.
  • If this definition of liberty be admitted, you will perceive that it is possible to reconcile the freedom of the will with absolute decrees; but we have not got rid of every difficulty.

Definition of Every

All of a countable group (considered individually), without exception. | Used with ordinal numbers to denote those items whose position is divisible by the corresponding cardinal number, or a portion of equal size to that set.
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