Every Second In A Sentence

Definition of Every Second

Every other; each alternate. | Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: Once per second. | (figuratively) Very frequently; more frequently than is desired.

How To Use Every Second In A Sentence?

  • Every second seemed as if it had brought me at last to a darkness which was actually tangible.
  • Every second day a grave had to be dug for one or other of them in the frozen ground.
  • Any time to do it different means a change in every second, the seconds are the same.
  • And still the deadlock, the atmosphere of tensity growing more vibrant every second.
  • It grew more distinct with every second, and the boys looked at each other with fear and wonder.
  • He plunges the whole into the inkstand every second or two, and withdraws it dripping.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Every Second | Every Second Sentence

  • Every second was precious.
  • Every second seemed an eternity.
  • Concentrate during every second of your practice.
  • Every second had to her seemed an hour.
  • But every second was precious.
  • Every second word was an oath.
  • Every second link of the 12 in.
  • Every second he kept glancing at the clock.
  • And every second it was growing louder.
  • Every second showed him more distinctly what his duty was.
  • I have to shake it every second word now.
  • He resolved to be on his guard every second.
  • With every second it grew louder.
  • Every second hour they are relieved by the three others.
  • Every second teenage girl wore one of them.
  • Every second or two he passed the recumbent boy.
  • To my excited imagination every second seemed an hour.
  • Every second house furnished at least one victim.
  • Let stand for one day and apply every second day.
  • It was a killing pace, and growing worse every second.
  • The dogs are fed every second day, when 2 lbs.
  • As Huxtable had said, every second was of importance.
  • The Unusual is occurring all about us, every second.
  • But bitterness against me peeped out of every second phrase.
  • Behold him tasting rapturously of every second of these minutes!
  • Every second was bringing him nearer and nearer to his home.
  • You've got to have your wits about you every second.
  • The load was light and their pace increased with every second.
  • They worked with a will for they knew that every second might mean a life.
  • It was only slightly stove in, but every second was precious.
  • And every second brought them down closer and closer to the dread lake.
  • Then it moved forward, gathering momentum with every second.
  • Every second man, at least, on this globe of ours has tried it.
  • The vanquished people were decimated, every second man being mercilessly slain.
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