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  • The system in every state is quite complete and more or less efficient to accomplish its objects.
  • He stopped at almost every important city, and covered every state in the union.
  • Practically every state and territory in the Union carries on institutes under some form or other.
  • Constitutional amendments now go to the people for a vote in every state except Delaware.
  • This vegetable grows in almost every state in the Union and is used extensively in soups.
  • It is confessed, on all hands, that they will be supported by all the negroes in every State.
  • People also break down in Colorado and in New York; in fact, in every state in the Union.
  • Every state of the intelligence is as completely necessitated as is the affirmation that two and two are equal to four.
  • Every state and every city was absorbed in the recovery of culture and in the development of art and literature.
  • Every state of the sensibility is a passive impression, a necessitated phenomenon of the human mind.
  • Besides, there was in every state an executive or privy council which the governor was required to consult on all important matters.
  • To a benevolent disposition, every state of life will afford some opportunities of contributing to the welfare of mankind.
  • Every state, however, has jurisdiction at sea over its own subjects in its own public and private vessels.
  • The farmer vote is a power that no politician likes to defy and the dairy business in every state was thoroughly organized.
  • There is in every state at least one court, and in most of the states there are two or more courts of higher grade than a county court.
  • On the other hand, every State agrees once for all faithfully to carry out those resolutions which have been ratified by it.
  • In every state, in every county and in every township there has been a steady clearing of the land as it fills with new home-makers.
  • The definitions given in this chapter, agree substantially, it is presumed, with those of similar crimes in every state in the union.
  • These ideas certainly do not favour population, which is, without contradiction, the first source of power to every state.
  • I see you in every state, in every city, in every village, and throughout the farming districts of this country.
  • That dear-loved independence which every state had cultivated, and which concentrated every energy of the mind in civil life, had vanished.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Every State | Every State Sentence

  • Dueling is not a punishable offense in every state.
  • Every state constitutes at least one district.
  • Every state in the Union should have a law of this kind.
  • In every State there is only one voice audible.
  • But this rule does not apply to the banks in every State.
  • He knew 'bout every state.
  • Hence every state in the union is a commonwealth or republic.
  • Every state has laws with severe penalties prohibiting murder.
  • The standard of the coinage varies with every state we go into.
  • More than this, the chiefs of almost every state have already sworn to aid you.
  • There is still another court in every state, which is not a common law court.
  • The great majority of my appointments in every State have been of white men.
  • AGENTS wanted in every State, county, and town.
  • And so on through the constitutions of almost every State in the Union.
  • It should become, not only a custom, but a law, in every State.
  • The voters of America decided that every State should grant this privilege.
  • Every State of the Union has made this offense one of the most serious crimes.
  • Through the aid of the Fund model schools were established in every State.
  • Every State in the Republic, must be made a department of the Crusade.
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