Evict In A Sentence

How To Use Evict In A Sentence?

  • He said he liked the place and meant to stay there, and if possible evict the ghost.
  • But, however tumble-down and squalid his dwelling may be, there is always a landlord who can evict him.
  • But let the king resolve to change the face of his court and forcibly evict the animal from the chair of state, restoring the god to the place of divinity.
  • In fine, he claimed the right to evict the entire seven hundred families without being under the legal or moral necessity of paying them a single cent for their improvements.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Evict | Evict Sentence

  • You wanted me to evict her.
  • We cannot evict our rulers neck and crop.
  • To blooming well evict us.

Definition of Evict

(transitive) To expel (one or more people) from their property; to force (one or more people) to move out.
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