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  • She looked at me in evident surprise.
  • It was evident that she had not much longer to stay.
  • It was evident what made her voice so gruff.
  • It was evident then, that the day and the hour was at hand.
  • He grinned at the very evident haste of the captains and buyers.
  • It became evident that either those cats or myself must leave the premises.
  • The nature of this "accident" was evident in his appearance.
  • Yet, behind all, dimly evident to me, there was an element of terror.
  • It was evident that the father of Miss Moorsom wished him to remain lost.
  • It was evident he didn't want his dinner spoilt, and we played up loyally.

How To Use Evident In A Sentence?

  • That he was exercised in his mind about something was evident on his fine bronzed face.
  • It was evident that it was believed that he had wasted their money, if he had not done worse.
  • Though many of them remained, it was evident that the dangerous run had subsided.
  • This was said sportively, yet it was evident there was vanity lurking at the bottom.
  • It seemed evident at the outset that it was not they who were bent on saving England.
  • It was evident that her Sunday customs were not apt to be disturbed by circumstances.
  • It was evident that Jessie did not relish the prospect of taking a lonely night ride.
  • When Grace was about fifteen years of age it was evident that she would be a very beautiful woman.
  • It was evident to Keith that Wickersham was trying to make an impression on the young girl.
  • It was a gloomy spot to enter, and Gray hesitated; yet it was evident the track went this way.
  • But he was not only talking with evident familiarity to Mrs. Darcy, he had taken hold of her arm.
  • This is perfectly evident from the very words in which it is often stated by the advocates of necessity.
  • It was evident that the little trespasser had not realized that his recent occupation had been in any way objectionable.
  • Now it was evident to all that these fortresses must be taken if the city were to be relieved and the siege raised.
  • It is evident that it has no relation to the freedom or to the acts of the will, but only to the external movements of the body.
  • But it was evident from the outset that the most quiescent foreign policy could not prevent foreign complications.
  • Where it was to come from was an enigma to me, though it was evident these beings had their secret friends and agents throughout the country.
  • It is remarkable that my very real affection for Margaret only became evident to me with this quarrel.
  • So far from being able to see how these things can hang together, it seems evident that they are utterly repugnant to each other.
  • When the book was in his hands, he turned over the leaves, examining them with evident surprise and bewilderment.
  • It is particularly evident to me now that I came no nearer to any understanding of women during that time.
  • The poor fellow showed evident signs that times went hard with him; he was so finely and shabbily dressed.
  • The cook regarded Bowles for a minute with evident disapproval; then he raised himself on one elbow and delivered his ultimatum.
  • He was now master of the greater part of Germany, and it was quite evident that he must either obtain the imperial dignity or fall.
  • But though Brant hurried from place to place with the utmost energy, it soon became evident that the day was lost.
  • It was evident that we were in for a tedious journey and that our trek across Western Germany was to be agony long drawn out.
  • It is quite evident that several times, at breakfast and dinner, in those long-past days, I was posing for the biography.
  • It certainly seems evident that if God hates sin above all things, and could easily prevent it, he would not permit it to appear in his dominions.
  • It was evident that many men no better than myself and with no greater advantages than mine had raised themselves to influential and even decisive positions in the worlds of politics and thought.
  • It was only a short drive; but when we came in sight of the quaint little church there was no sound of bells, and it became evident that we were late.

Definition of Evident

Obviously true by simple observation.
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