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  • His will evinces in another way his affection for his sister.
  • Through the long debate he evinces uncommon power and readiness.
  • His Taylor speech of July 1, 1848, evinces warm whig partisanship.

How To Use Evinces In A Sentence?

  • Such effort evinces a palpable attention to form, and that is always to be avoided.
  • It is not as ideal as the aria, but it evinces greater familiarity with the specific conditions.
  • Their bearing evinces entire subjection and abasement, and they shun and distrust the whites.
  • Its lively light green hue is delightful to the eye, but evinces a weakness of vegetation.
  • If any one among their number evinces talent for any particular art, she is trained in that art.
  • This diary, which evinces industry and uprightness of purpose, is often quoted by historians.
  • The lady has been to Mecca, and evinces much more general intelligence than the secluded women.
  • The utopianism which evinces itself in this doubt may be depended upon to betray itself elsewhere in the views of the doubters.
  • Ann's letter is characterized by a good style and evinces much warmth of heart.
  • It is this objectification which evinces their real value, their mutual connexions, and their truth.
  • Photography is indiscriminate; human art is selective, and is precious as it evinces and secures a choiceness in selection.
  • This decision evinces a singular lack of sympathy on the part of the court with the home-rule provisions of the constitution of Washington.
  • Here we find some intelligence, and more mistake, cloathed in the dress of antique diction, which plainly evinces the necessity of modern history.
  • Nothing could be more simple or more definite than this, and the discreetness it evinces is shown also by the manner in which the characters are treated.
  • The magnitude of the motive, says Edwards, is the grand circumstance which evinces the goodness of God in the appointment of such a constitution.
  • That the work bears unmistakable marks of power and originality cannot be questioned, and in a limited range of characterization and description evinces sagacity and skill.
  • Truth, in short, is the only thing which has authority for the mind, and the only way in which truth finally evinces its authority is by taking possession of the mind for itself.
  • But, as I have remarked parenthetically, it is only in cases of emergency where he evinces such a display of patience and exercises such a pious disposition.

Definition of Evinces

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of evince
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